30 December 2006

Liam and Alex's Wedding Album

Have been playing around with my blogger - I am not very good at this and this is the only way I know to put this slideshow on here - I would like it to go down the side of my blog and stay there but unfortunately I haven't a clue how to do this - I would also like to put a music video link on here as well but whenever I do this I end up with my title going down to the bottom of the page - obviously I am doing something wrong and maybe one day will fathom it out :) Hope you like the wedding album - I have done this for DS1 and DIL and will take it to them in June 07 when we go to Canada to visit them :) WOOHOO have added the slideshow to the bottom of my blog :) :) :)

Nearly New Year

Well its nearly the end of the year once again - it does come round so fast. I am not really keen on celebrating new year but this year I have been told that we may be going out to a salsa do, which will be good but not sure I fancy making the effort really due to having a cold - should be Christmas as I look like Rudolph right now with a red nose :lol: am sure when tomorrow comes I will be fine.

Santa was really good to me he brought me a jobo giga one which is a portable hard drive for my photos - I can fill and 1GB memory card in Chester Zoo for a few hours - imagine what I will be like when on the Rocky Mountain Express in June 07..... thought it would be wise to get one of these instead of lots of memory cards - he also brought me a cokin filter system with an ND8 so am now going to increase this by getting the ND4 and ND2 :) not sure if they will make me a better photographer though ;)

have been taking pics of my Amaryllis each day as they change and open so hopefully I will upload a series of photos soon :)

well better go and sort out tonights dinner - DH is at the pub now after the match and will be hungry - eventually - this is the only concession he gets any other time he has to sort himself and us out ;)

will be back soon to add photos and tell you more about my Christmas :)

27 November 2006

MEN Arena 26th November 2006

Another eventful busy weekend for me - I have just returned from the Cliff Richard concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester :) I went on Saturday with my sister and we shopped at the Arndale Centre which was fabulous and then on to our hotel which was only 5 mins away from the Arndale Centre - we had our dinner in our room - pizza and chips it was gorgeous - we had to be out by 6.45 as the show started at 7.30 and we were getting a taxi to the MEN. The show was brilliant as usual and whatsmore we walked back to the hotel which is a feat in itself as my sister doesnt walk anywhere - she has bad knees but it was so mild an evening considering its the end of November and we decided that it would be easier than looking for a taxi - it only took us about 10 mins at the most :)

I will leave you with this for now but I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up so watch this space everyone :)

11 November 2006

Finally I have been able to upload

These are the 3 photos of the view from Dovers Hill - as you can see it was quite a misty morning - can you imagine what the view would have been like if it was middle of summer and a brilliantly clear day - it was just breathtaking :)

I will upload some of the LO's now that I can upload pics again - but first of all I have to take the pics :)

off to cook dinner for my DH and I :)

08 November 2006

Gloucester Retreat

The above photo is a group photo, which can be better seen on Chrissie's blog at http://www.lifeisscrap.blogspot.com/ a fabulous blog.
Well I have finally or maybe nearly recovered from one of the most fantastic weekends I have ever had. I and my friend Gill have been to a scrapbooking retreat in Gloucester - Down Hatherley to be precise, which is a lovely place and a gorgeous hotel called Hatherley Manor with food to die for mmmmmmmmmmm ;) anyway we arrived there about 2pm on Thursday 2nd November this is after leaving home at 8am and going to Ross on Wye on the way again a beautiful place :) we took our suitcases to our room and didn't even bother unpacking until later that night. We just wanted to get into the scrap room to meet the other scrappers :) well we met lots of the most wonderful people from all over the UK - a few we had met before. the event was arranged by Chrissie from www.scrappersunlimited.co.uk and her team which included Fiona, Rachel, Linz, Vanessa, Julia, Sue, (sorry if I have forgotten anyone - memory not so good on names these days) who were all brilliant. Rachel makes the most fabulous 'poo' and Fiona makes the most fab 'sticky willies'. We took part in challenges and classes and learnt new techniques to use on our scrapbooking pages and also to use elsewhere and there were two shops there to spend our money on - I was quite restrained - after all I had left the credit card at home :) she says polishing her halo :) we had prize giving as well and the prizes were won deservedly by the winners who did some spectacular LO's voted on by ourselves and team members also there was a retreat scrapbooker who won overall and that was Mary who was the most genuine and lovely person anyone could ever wish to meet - she had us all in tears when she accepted her prize. On the Friday night there was 'Deal, no Deal' (which I have never watched incidentally) and I ended up being chosen to sit out in the front and do the picking of the boxes!!! How stressful is that and this wasn't for £250,000 or whatever it was for a more coveted prize of 2 free tickets to the next retreat - which I didn't win but I did win £40 off my next retreat and some fabulous papers :) After the retreat ended on Saturday night Gill and I had booked to stay an extra night there and then went on a mini tour of the Cotswolds and stayed the sunday night in a hotel in Badsey just past Broadway - these were beautiful villages that we went through as will - Lower Slaughter and Bourton on the Water. On Monday we went to Evesham - how gorgoeous is that place and went to Dovers Hill - well talk about a view and a half it was just stunning and I have pictures (300) to prove how gorgeous the Cotswolds is. Evenutally, when blogger lets me I will upload some more pics right now it appears to have gone on strike :( I will love you and leave you for now as its time for bed - well according to Zebedee it is - see you soon with more pics :) :)

27 October 2006


Well what do you know, its finally after nearly 2 weeks let me upload some images. The first one is the sunrise on our last morning of our weekend away, the second it our Joanne sleeping soundly after a tiring day shopping, eating, drinking, scrapping and more eating and drinking :lol:

the third one is the 'cottage', a converted barn really but it was fabulous.

the last one is a picture of 5 of us (done on timer) when we went to Nidd Hall for our afternoon tea - it was a gorgeous day and we had been to Harrogate to the Hobbycrafts Show at the Great Yorkshire Showground and spent loads but had a great time :) Hopefully this blog will let me upload again soon but for now its night night all am off to an all day crop tomorrow with the above people and more so better go and get my beauty sleep :)

11 October 2006


  • Good Morning all, well Gill and I are back...... we had the most wonderful time at the cottage near Skipton with all our lovely Wirral Crop friends. We left home on Friday quite early on and drove to Kendal to visit a couple of craft places there then we stopped in a place called Ingleton which was beautiful and had lunch in a little craft shop with a cafe - the pea soup was to die for - it was a very old fashioned village with a river running through it - we wanted to take pics of a viaduct type bridge but unfortunately it was pouring down at the time and the steps down to the river were that old and worn they looked very unsafe to walk down when dry never mind when soaking wet and slippery so we thought it better not to as we didn't want any accidents before the weekend had started :) From there we went on to the cottage - when we found it - we only knocked at one wrong farm house so that's not too bad except that leading to that WRONG farmhouse was a lane with those white stones and lots of white muddy puddles - now don't get me wrong ordinarily it wouldn't bother me but Linda and I were in my car which is an MX5 and is very low to the ground - feels all the bumps (the stones) and when the white mud splashed up around us the car had gone from a beautiful British Racing Green to a mucky white splashed look - I was mortified - when we got to the cottage - eventually - and got out I thought 'my poor car' my darling husband is gonna have his work out washing this off ;) Anyway we found the cottage - oh and it was gorgeous - it smelt lovely when we got into it - pot pourri everywhere and all the 3 bathrooms were lovely and clean and smelt nice as well - everywhere was clean it was fab. hopefully this will let me upload a couple of pics.

    the next set of our girls arrived about an hour after us and Gill went down the road to guide them to the cottage - they had to wait for traffic (cows) to cross from the field on their way to milking for about 30 mins but they eventually got back to the cottage and the last two arrived on their own in the dark with no help except stopping at one cottage/farm to ask the way and he just happened to be a cousin of the owner of the cottage which was great as he knew where to send them.

    All in all we had the most brilliant time - I will tell you more in the next installment as I have to get ready for work now :)

    Okay its nto letting me upload photos again - will try again tonight :)

06 October 2006

Just a quickie

Good Morning all, Gill and I and 9 of our scrapbooking friends are off to sunny Skipton today for a chill out weekend - well hopefully chill-out...... We are off to a cottage in Horton in Craven and taking all our stash with us as well as a few bits of clothes (have heard it can be quite chilly in Skipton at this time of year) am sure we will have lots of stories to tell when we get back so watch this space (only if you are interested though :))

Thought I would leave you with a picture of my darling husband who along with three of our salsa buddies performed the three quarter Monty - well they couldn't do the whole thing we were in a local working men's club ;)

My darling husband is the one on the far right with the blue thong on :) :) :)

30 September 2006

Upload of piccies

here are some of the pics that I couldn't upload previously - have decided to try and do it through internet explorer instead of AOL as it seems to be holding back my posts on there. Having said that I think one of the pics I was trying to upload may have been too large as these 3 uploaded okay :)

The first one is Erdigg House, the second they call the Glass House section and the third are some gears, which were in one of the outhouses and I turned it black and white :)

My husband is due home at 3am tomorrow - he has been fishing in France for a week with one of his mates - he has text me several times over the week to tell me that he has caught approximately 29 (at the last text) fish and that the largest was 39lb - which I take it, is large for a carp...... no doubt I will get the camera from him tomorrow to upload the pics so you have all been warned - there will have to be some in my blog or he will get upset :) :) :) am off now to have an earlyish night cos if he is coming in at 3am I am sure to be disturbed and the more sleep I get before the less grumpy I will be...... mind you I have missed him - he is my radiator on cold nights :)

17 September 2006

Erddig House

Today is the 17th September 2006 and Gill and I decided after the gym this morning we would visit Erddig House, which is about 2 miles outside of Wrexham, North Wales. The weather was warm and sunny for some of it and we got some fabulous photos of flowers etc - we had bought ourselves tripods so we took them with us in the hope that our photos would not be so blurred :) well I have to say these tripods work - well most of the time they do anyway :) We had a good time outside and then had lunch, after this we decided to go into the house - we went through the first bit and showed our tickets - now I had had to search my bag for my ticket as having been in the gardens for rather a long time it had got shoved somewhere and forgotten about..... anyway of we trundled through the courtyard etc and into the house we had gone down two corridors (virtually in the dark due to no electricity in the house) and peeped into several rooms - unfortunately we could hardly see anything also the maps and pics on the walls we could not see either as it was too dark. We got to the end of this corridor when a gentleman asked if he could relieve Gill and I of our bags - now if anyone takes photos regularly you will know how expensive a Digital SLR camera and its accessories are - there was no way on this earth that I was going or gill for that matter, was going to let this man have our bags - he was going to lock them in a cupboard - now we advised him that we had no intention of getting the cameras out of the bags if that was what he was worried about - he called for assistance and the Manageress came and said that the reason we could not take our bags - small backpacks... was because we may knock something and break/damage something - well am not sure if you are familiar with loose 2-4 year old children but I would have thought that the dangers of them knocking/breaking something were greater than myself a 49 year old or Gill and young 51 yearold doing so. We decided that we would leave at this point, which was a shame really as we had had a lovely morning until this..... That aside it is a beautiful place as you will see from the photos :) well you will do when it lets me upload them.... will try again later :)

16 September 2006

Half way Through September

Well we are half way through the month again and I havent done too much - well when I say not done too much I suppose I have done quite abit compared to what I used to do - firstly I have been to the gym several times this week - am fine when I get there but the effort to get there is great but Gill keeps me on the straight and narrow and always makes sure we go.... also on Monday went to the local Photography Society - we are hopefully going to learn how to use our cameras correctly and use more of the buttons and see how we do. Both Gill and I have just bought tripods - maybe our pics won't be so blurred now ;). There were lots of things in the shop that we think we need, quite a few we know we need and also some we know we don't need but will want anyway - hopefully if we are really good girls, father christmas will be good to us..... This is the first picture I have taken with my camera on the new tripod - it is of my 18yr old son who reluctantly sat still for me :)

11 September 2006

What a Beautiful Morning

Good morning all, hope you have had a good weekend, the weather here has been gorgeous so gill and I made the most of it.

Saturday we had our all day crop and had a brilliant day - actually did two & a half layouts which were the following two :)

The first one was done for UKS monthly house challenge on Australia and the second is my friends small son Harvey - he is so cute. We spent the weekend with them at their caravan in Colwyn last weekend and it was lovely - we went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, sorry but not keen on it but then I am used to Chester Zoo which is a much larger and better equipped zoo :)

On Friday night Gill and I went in search of a beautiful sunset but unfortunately missed it by minutes so we were on our way home when we went through Towyn in North Wales and spotted a small fairground - we stopped took our cameras out and got some spectacular photos of the lights as you will see :)

Yesterday we went out to Biddulph Gardens and took some fabulous shots which you can see if you go to my http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/merrick10uk/ site as there are too many to upload and I would be spoiled for choice. We had a brilliant day and Biddulph Gardens is a must to visit if you are near it - its not far from Congleton in Cheshire.

Well must go as getting ready for work and need time to put my face on so as not to frighten the other road users :)

29 August 2006


well its been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog so thought I had better come and do it - otherwise Gill will be moaning at me cos I am always on at her to update hers - mind you I don't leave mine for 3 months at a time.......
Gill and I have been on a few outings - strange ones at that - we could be seen one Saturday night hanging over a motorway bridge over the M53, we were taking pictures of moving traffic in the dark - time lapse photography and here is the results - well one of them anyway
We must have looked a sight to drivers and the one poor cyclist who went passed us - poor old thing :)

We had prior to this been to take pictures of Shell (stanlow) with the sun setting behind it so we got sillouettes which was quite good and also to Eastham Ferry to get sunset pics - oh and before Eastham Ferry we went to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum and got some good ones from there - some of them are below :)

The first of these four is Shell at Sunset, the second, Shell from the Boat Museum, third a boat at Eastham Ferry and the last is the Boat Museum itself with two swans, one of which kept hissing at us whilst we were trying to take its picture - obviously camera shy....

Will try and update again in a couple of days :) Thanks for reading, if you havent fallen asleep yet :)

14 August 2006

Chester Zoo

Hi all, Gill and I went on a couple of photoshoots last weekend - on Saturday we went to West Kirby Marina to take pics of the Sunset - oh my god it was gorgeous - Hilbre Island was lit up beautifully - we only just made it in time I have to say and we were absolutely freezing - it was very very windy and cold on the front there - we must have been mad but we werent the only ones there.

Then on Sunday we went to Chester Zoo for the day - just me and her (and thousands of families of course) we had a good day - the weather was a bit naff to start with but it stopped raining and warmed up a bit so it wasn't too bad - we took lots of piccies - mostly of flowers I have to say but we did get a couple of the animals :)

and the animals......

There are plenty more but I won't bore you with them - I managed to completely fill a 1gb memory card and half fill a 128mb also......... god knows how I was obviously just clicking away merrily :) the donkey thingy has a number printed on his bottom, the baby elephant was born in March 2004 and not sure why they left one of the chimps out but he doesn't look impressed :lol:

hugs to all if you have got this far am sure some valium would help :)

09 August 2006

Nearly there

well its August already, now don't get me wrong I love Christmas but its coming round to quick for my liking - each time it gets here I am another year older and I am not sure whether I can cope with that idea at all ;) Never mind there's not much I can do about it, maybe I need to slow my life down a bit but then I have so much to do and I don't know how long I have to do it so I will just have to carry on the way I am :) have done a few LO's recently and have nearly finished my DS1 and DIl's wedding album have done all the LO's just need to finish one - the one attached here (hopefully) is the last page of LO's in the album - I will do a journalling page before I give the album to them. They do not know I am doing it for them. Also, this week we met my DIL's grandparents who are over here from Canada for a UK tour - we did meet them in canada last year - it was lovely they were staying at a hotel about 20 mins from us and it would have been a shame not to have gone and met them - so we went for a couple of drinks and a good chat - I took the nearly finished album with me and Rosemary was thrilled with it but said she would keep it a secret ;)

This next picture is one of Alex's Grandparents and my DH (ont he right-just in case you can't tell with the grey hair which one he is :lol:.

24 July 2006

for some reason it will not let me upload a piccie in that last post - will try in this one :)

Car Boot

Well all, sorry havent been around for a bit but have been a bit busy with Dad's move. He is finally settled now and used to it all - he has even bought himself a new tv - which is HD ready and has freeview built in - I did say what did he think he was doing spending my inheritance but he just laughed at me - oh well, I'll take it off the other two's portion instead :lol: As dad moved from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow you can imagine the stuff he had to get rid of - my bestest friend Gill did a car boot sale yesterday with it all and what an experience it was - it was a busy car boot I have to say but I have never seen so many different types of people in one place before - even Manchester Airport didnt have this many ;) we made £90 which was fabulous as at the beginning we thought it was going to be a waste of time. The one thing I can definitely be sure of though, is that I will NEVER do another car boot as long as I live - I have this thing about going to public loos - especially at this type of event and so does Gill - needless to say when it was finished - we had been there from 6am to 12.30pm without going to the loo and drinking water as it was hot - we headed for Marks & Spencers loos, which was about a 5 min drive away - well we thought we wouldn't stop :lol: the next thing we did was have a wash - hands, face - anything that we could as we felt grimy - I am sorry to those who love car boots but this is how I felt, it could have been because it was so hot and handling money, which makes you feel mucky at the best of times but I felt much better afterwards and we had lunch in M&S. We were absolutely knackered though and by 9.00pm I was ready to go to bed - lasted till 10 though. Went for lunch to Dad's today and told him how we got on and that next time he can do it himself - he just laughed at me and said he would have just chucked it all in the tip....... well we did that with the leftovers anyway :) he wants his share of the money to go to the local hospital where he spent a good part of last year - so I will send them a cheque for £30 soon :)

well will go now but before I do there is a picture of a monster that was in my garden whilst I was watering it the other night - I did not have any shoes on, or my glasses and just saw a blur jump out at me - so I ran in to get my shoes, glasses and of course my camera - well I am a scrapper at heart you know - the little horror would not keep still for me to take his piccie - only managed this one :) Anyone that knows me will tell you I DO NOT DO FROGS of any kind.

08 July 2006


Well this month - well the first week has been busy for me - first of all we have been building up since I came home from my hols to moving my dad from a 3 bedroomed house to a 1 bedroomed bungalow - to give you some idea of the extent of this he had been in the 3 bedroomed house for 46 years with my mum when she was alive and 3 kids (obviously now left home of course) - you can imagine the STUFF we had to remove - my garage is full of boxes of paraphenalia ready to go to a car boot sale........ my darling husband has been whinging about the fact that the garage is full of these boxes - well it doesnt get used for a car so what's his problem....... anyway we finally moved him/furniture last saturday - 1st July - by the end of the day I have to say I was totally and utterly exhausted so dread to think what he felt like. I had to leave him and my sister her DH and his brother at 4pm as I was going to see the Rocky Horror Show with friends that night - good job its a noisy show otherwise might have fallen asleep - left dad's and forgot I still had some things in the boot of my car - oh well he can have them this weekend - have been round a couple of times during lunch hour to finish bits off for him - he is now safely ensconced in his 1 bed bungalow which is so much nicer than being in his 3 bed house - he now only has 4 rooms and a hall to clean whereas before he had 8 rooms to keep tidy and to climb stairs etc.... I feel happier as well as it is warden controlled and she has been round a couple of times to introduce herself to him. Well thats this week - oh apart from the fact that I have been interviewing for a new secretary at work - please someone tell me where all the unemployed are as we only had 6 CV's sent to us and only one of those had legal experience - WHERE ARE ALL THE LEGAL SECRETARIES - I know they are out there somewhere I just wish they would have applied for the job so I could compare them to each other and pick the best one (hopefully) to do the job.
Well am off to my all day crop now so will come back another day to update you on my dad's bungalow and any other trivial things that may happen to me over the next few days :)

27 June 2006

WOW What happened to June

Well it's nearly a month since I last posted - sorry guys but have been on holiday and with one thing and another the time has just slipped by me.
First we went to Paphos, Cyprus at the beginning of June and had a fabulous time - weather was hot hot hot - in fact towards the end of the 10 days even I had to sit in shade for some of the time, which in all my 49 years has not been heard of........ We had a brilliant time and one of the hilights of the holiday was watching a nest of baby swallows - when we first got there we couldn't see or hear them but we knew they were there because mum and dad were back and forth feeding them constantly - glad I am not a mummy bird I can tell you - anyway I took photos every day that we were there of the nest and mum and dad and eventually you could just see a little beak over the nest until on our last day there were 3 swallows being fed and virtually out of the nest - there were 6 originally but unfortunately nature is and only 3 had survived the first 10 days - hopefully they all three became fully fledged and are flying around cyprus as we speak :) hopefully there should be a picture attached here for you to see.

See what I mean - can you imagine having to feed your babies like that - eeeeewwwuk but it was lovely to watch them grow - we visited the pool bar, which is where the nest was at least twice a day just to watch them - honest :lol:

Another hi-light of the holiday was the fact that we had gone to a child free hotel - I have nothing against children but as mine have now left the nest - sorry - I really did not want to hear overheated mums and dads yelling at their children because they were whinging cos they were too hot so we opted for this hotel which was lovely I have to say and the food was gorgeous and loads of it. When we first got there though it was strange (apart from the fact that it was 1.30am) it was like landing in the middle of the set of 'Coccoon' - you know the film of the oldies that swim in this particular pool after being abducted by aliens and live forever - I don't think there was any under the age of 70 - having said that after the first couple of days the clientele got younger and when we were leaving - we were the oldies :lol: Well have bored you all with my holiday so will love you and leave you now and will be back soon to tell you all about my dad's house move - from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow - oh joy of joys ;)

30 May 2006

Last day of the month tomorrow........ well in 3 mins

This may be the last post this month so thought I had better get it in just before the last day - I have done another LO in the wedding album of which there should be a photo attached here:
I especially like this one as I had not got a clue what I was going to do when I started it :lol: it just came together and am quite pleased with it.

On another note today at work was a little bit stressful - about 5 weeks ago we had a new secretary start - part-time - hours to suit her and us - well she had had quite a bit of time away, sick and previous apptmts etc which we didnt mind but last week she was supposed to come in for 3 days - she rang up on Wednesday to say that her stepson had had an asthma attack and she had to stay with him - the father was not in work last week....... anyhow this week she was to do full time - 5 days at 9-5pm - well where was she at 9.15am - no sign of her - rang her mobile - switched off - alarm bells were now ringing and my normally cool manner was deserting me for one of hysteria - being the practice manager with only one part time secretary on the premises and about 10 tapes (full ones at that) to be typed - I knew that the other secretary was going to blow her top when she found out - needless to say I was not very happy - tried ringing her again at 10.19am - still switched off and no answer on the home number - boss by this time has been advised. At about 11.45am the receptionist brought a letter in to me which had been hand delivered - by some stranger - I recognised the writing and just as I thought it was a letter from her saying that she no longer wished to work for S&S and thanked us for the previous 5 weeks - Now I had to advise the boss of this which I did not relish but he was fine about it and we are sorting out a new secretary now - hopefully. If you have got this far in reading thank you for being patient with me, I just needed to get this off my chest. eeeeeeeh I feel so much better now and I can now go off to bed. Oh by the way it is now 00.05am - it has taken me 7 mins to type this :lol:

nite nite everyone :) :)

29 May 2006

Been busy girl this bank holiday - gill and I went on a photoshoot yesterday (sunday) (after the gym) to Bodelwyddan Castle - we walked round their grounds taking photos of every flower that would stand still long enough :lol: We had a brilliant time practicing with our cameras which we have had for only 2 months now...... Got some good ones - even if we say so ourselves :lol:

Today though we have been scrapping, that is after I bought the hopefully final bits for my holiday next Sunday - Cyprus - here we come :) I did 3 pages - 2 for my DS1 and DIL's wedding album - thats 5 for that up to now and one which is for our Wirral Crop to go on show at the wirral craft week - we were provided with the papers and had to scrap a place on The Wirral - I chose Whitby Hall in Ellesmere Port, which is 'just' on The Wirral. I have attached photos - hopefully.

well better go now as DS3 is due to go in to work for 5pm and guess who has the short straw to take him :( actually I don't mind as I have to go to Sainsburys to do my shopping and its only just 2 mins away.....

27 May 2006

Good morning - just - everyone hope you are all well. Its raining here and I want to go out and take some photos locally - will have to do it I think as don't know if the weather is going to get worse as the weekend goes on :( I have started a wedding album for my DS1 and DIL in Canada, which my DH is going to take over later this year. They don't have an album of their wedding photos so thought this would be a nice surprise for them :) The 3 pics above are the first 3 pages the centre one is the first page - its my favourite photo of the two of them from that day - yes it was raining but the photo is taken in the grounds of Hatley Castle in Victoria BC and I think its just such a gorgeous photo of the two of them :)