28 April 2006

Well all, its another week gone by - how fast is this month going it is already 28th and it is also payday - yippeee. A lovely long weekend ahead of us this weekend as well - I have a challenge to do for Chrissie at Scrappers Unlimited - a photo of me as a teenager - that will shock everyone. When done I will post it on here (if I ever find out how). This week work has been quite manic - we are getting ready to move offices to one just a bit further down the road, which is much bigger than the one we are currently in - it will be fab when we are in there but in the meantime it is a lot of organising and arranging with BT and the IT providers - do I think it will go smoothly, NO I definitely do not - my boss is of the opinion that we will get there on the monday morning and everything will be working tickety boo - he has one big shock coming to him as the IT people are not going to be there until 10.30 - 11am to make sure that we are up and running so he has no chance but we will let him dream on - it will do no harm to leave him in his little world for a few more weeks..........

Now though I am going to have a well earned long weekend - doing what I want to do when I want as my DH is working, bless him, all weekend - I will hopefully find a window in the weekend for him somewhere when he is not at work - maybe I can persuade him to take me out to dinner tomorrow night!!!!!! now there is a thought........ and I will leave you with that one for now and come back and tell you if it happened.

Whatever you all choose to do please enjoy your weekend - hugs Chris.

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