30 May 2006

Last day of the month tomorrow........ well in 3 mins

This may be the last post this month so thought I had better get it in just before the last day - I have done another LO in the wedding album of which there should be a photo attached here:
I especially like this one as I had not got a clue what I was going to do when I started it :lol: it just came together and am quite pleased with it.

On another note today at work was a little bit stressful - about 5 weeks ago we had a new secretary start - part-time - hours to suit her and us - well she had had quite a bit of time away, sick and previous apptmts etc which we didnt mind but last week she was supposed to come in for 3 days - she rang up on Wednesday to say that her stepson had had an asthma attack and she had to stay with him - the father was not in work last week....... anyhow this week she was to do full time - 5 days at 9-5pm - well where was she at 9.15am - no sign of her - rang her mobile - switched off - alarm bells were now ringing and my normally cool manner was deserting me for one of hysteria - being the practice manager with only one part time secretary on the premises and about 10 tapes (full ones at that) to be typed - I knew that the other secretary was going to blow her top when she found out - needless to say I was not very happy - tried ringing her again at 10.19am - still switched off and no answer on the home number - boss by this time has been advised. At about 11.45am the receptionist brought a letter in to me which had been hand delivered - by some stranger - I recognised the writing and just as I thought it was a letter from her saying that she no longer wished to work for S&S and thanked us for the previous 5 weeks - Now I had to advise the boss of this which I did not relish but he was fine about it and we are sorting out a new secretary now - hopefully. If you have got this far in reading thank you for being patient with me, I just needed to get this off my chest. eeeeeeeh I feel so much better now and I can now go off to bed. Oh by the way it is now 00.05am - it has taken me 7 mins to type this :lol:

nite nite everyone :) :)

29 May 2006

Been busy girl this bank holiday - gill and I went on a photoshoot yesterday (sunday) (after the gym) to Bodelwyddan Castle - we walked round their grounds taking photos of every flower that would stand still long enough :lol: We had a brilliant time practicing with our cameras which we have had for only 2 months now...... Got some good ones - even if we say so ourselves :lol:

Today though we have been scrapping, that is after I bought the hopefully final bits for my holiday next Sunday - Cyprus - here we come :) I did 3 pages - 2 for my DS1 and DIL's wedding album - thats 5 for that up to now and one which is for our Wirral Crop to go on show at the wirral craft week - we were provided with the papers and had to scrap a place on The Wirral - I chose Whitby Hall in Ellesmere Port, which is 'just' on The Wirral. I have attached photos - hopefully.

well better go now as DS3 is due to go in to work for 5pm and guess who has the short straw to take him :( actually I don't mind as I have to go to Sainsburys to do my shopping and its only just 2 mins away.....

27 May 2006

Good morning - just - everyone hope you are all well. Its raining here and I want to go out and take some photos locally - will have to do it I think as don't know if the weather is going to get worse as the weekend goes on :( I have started a wedding album for my DS1 and DIL in Canada, which my DH is going to take over later this year. They don't have an album of their wedding photos so thought this would be a nice surprise for them :) The 3 pics above are the first 3 pages the centre one is the first page - its my favourite photo of the two of them from that day - yes it was raining but the photo is taken in the grounds of Hatley Castle in Victoria BC and I think its just such a gorgeous photo of the two of them :)

24 May 2006

Good Morning all, hope you are all well today :) update on DH's mate - he was actually in work the next night for his normal nightshift - he was fine and very embarrassed and of course grateful to his mates for sorting him out - he was also in his wife's bad books as she lives in London - he works his four shifts up here and then goes back home for his six days off.... she was phoning him to see if he got home from the night out okay = she was phoning from 12midnight to about 3am in the end she phoned the police and they suggested the hospital - which she did- and finding out he was there but they could not tell her what was wrong with him as at the time they didnt know.... (she is a nurse) when she finally got hold of him you can imagine she was not a happy bunny - eventually she calmed down and can now see the funny side (I can't quite see what is the funny side myself though) so all's well that end's well - thank goodness.

Office move has gone surprisingly smooth - just waiting for the new desks that were ordered and 6 new filing cabinets then we can get the rest of the boxes off the floor and I won't have to sit cross legged everytime I want to go on the internet.... My own stand alone is on a desk fortunately :)

Had a fantastic night at our crop last night am doing a scrapbooking album of my DS1's and DIL's wedding photos for them as they havent got one yet - DH will be going over later in the year and he can take them with him - they live in Canada.

Right had better sign off now as have to get ready for work but will update again soon with my extremely exciting life :lol:

hugs xx

20 May 2006

Good morning everyone, what a 24 hours I have just had, well yesterday morning I had to do a mercy dash to Shell with DH's pass - that was at 6.55am - after that went to work and arranged, supervised and took part in the packing of the boxes for our office move, then last night I went to bed about 11.15 as was completely cream crackered after the packing of boxes etc - that tired I was nearly asleep over the computer early evening so went and had a luxurious bath- a whole hour and a half in hot soapy water - ended up with one soggy magazine though

was asleep when the phone went off - lo and behold its DH - he has been out with his mates from work for a retirement - it was 1.45am by this time - he was calling me from the Countess of Chester hospital - okay now heart is racing - fine its not him - one of his mates had collapsed in the restaurant (slow boat- not the restaurants fault) they had drank quite a bit but pete said this fellow looked okay and he thought he must be a big drinker..... anyway he was chucking up everywhere - all over pete - eeeukk and then was out cold so they called an ambulance - and as far as I know he is still in there- DH stayed with him for a while then as he was covered in vomit he called me to collect him - his other mate stayed with him - the hospital doctors were trying to get a reaction from him, hitting him on knee with their little hammers and pete said there was nothing - his wife is still at home in London - he works up here for the four shifts and goes home for his six days off.... so all in all a very eventful day - took me an age to get back to sleep though - DH had to have a shower as well cos I wouldnt let him in the bed as he stunk...... oh and they all sobered up extremely quickly....... and now I am up at 7.00am as I have to go to work to let the workmen in to finish transporting the boxes etc to our new office - fortunately I only have to let them in then in to Morrisions to get some milk etc and then home and then off to our Wirral Crop for our all day crop - fantastic - hope I can stay awake long enough though :lol:

Have good weekend whatever you are all doing - hugs xx :) :) :)

17 May 2006

Hi all, sorry not posted for a few days but been mega busy going to the gym 4 times a week and scrapping when can :) Have finally booked for the Scrappers Unlimited retreat in Gloucester at the beginning of November and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone we met at Brecon and new friends as well :) Gill and I will be bringing Gertie and the twins, as I am sue we will find a place in the car for them, they are only small. We have a crop on saturday all day which we are looking forward to, we do this with our wirral girlies every other week and wouldnt miss it for the world, except I may have to miss one the day before we go on our hols to Cyprus, which I am also looking forward to as this will be our first holiday, my DH and me without any of our children!!!! Last year we went to Canada on our own but went to stay with DS1 and DIL and had a brilliant time - I will upload Layouts/photos eventually - have to start my album of Canada soon :)

Right had better go and get ready for the gym or I will be in trouble with Gill. So will see you again sometime this week or next week :)

hugs xx

07 May 2006


We had the most fantastic day yesterday at our massive 12 hour crop - it was brilliant. Moira and Sue organised the whole lot for us - we knew it was going to be something special but they really did outdo themselves it was fabulouse. They had prepared the room the night before and it must have taken weeks to do all the preparations for it. There were raffle prizes wrapped up so beautifully it was a shame to open them - they made sure that everyone there got a prize as well. There were challenges - we had to do layouts on Family, Special Occasion and Friendship - they provided the paper/cardstock and we provided the piccies and embellishments and away we went - my Special Occasion one won a prize for me - it is my friend's wedding from March 4th this year and the papers were just perfect for my photos. I will post piccies when I have photographed them at the moment they are still in the back of Gill's car as we were tooooooooo tired to unload it last night :). I managed a further 2 layouts as well yesterday which were other wedding ones for my friends album. My family one was of my boys and the photos just went well with the papers and also the Friendship one was of a lunch we had with a group of our Salsa dancing friends, again I will put pictures on later.

Moira and Sue put on a fantastic buffet for us all - fit for a Royal Wedding I would say, there was everything you could think of and they made sure that vegetarians were not left out either. There were goodies all day - I think the stone I have lost since Xmas will have crept back on in just one day :lol: and we also had fresh cream cakes for afternoon tea - who needs the Ritz :lol: - Moira then organised for us all to have takeaway for our dinner and she rang indian, chinese and we sent one of the DH's to the chippy for others - it was really fabulous .

02 May 2006

Well what an evening I had last night - gill and I were experimenting with our scrapping - trying to do something we hadn't done before so gill did hers - a kaliedascope of some pics she had taken and they look fab - she has them on her blog www.gillydragon.blogspot.com but mine, well did it go right - NO - the instructions which were printed in a magazine in English I hasten to add, were just not explained properly - I had two circular templates and they kept telling me to use the square one........ I DID NOT HAVE A SQUARE ONE - I had printed it off the disc which came with the magazine like it told me and the templates were definitely circular - well after much throwing tantrums and tiaras all over the place we worked it out - good job I did a prototype first instead of ruining a good photo I must say...... anyway by this time it was getting late so gill and I decided that we would try again - in daylight - and with fresh heads so all in all I would say I failed BUT and a really BIG BUT I am not letting it beat me and will do it and will upload it on here for you all to see my success - JUST WATCH THIS SPACE but not for a while hey!!!!

Now I must congratulate Gill on coming 2nd in a challenge layout competition run by www.scrappersunlimited.co.uk with a layout of her and her DH when they were teenagers - you will also find this LO on her blog above :)

right am off now as DH has just got out of the bath and I am off for a cuddle - see you soon :) :)

01 May 2006

1st May today - WOW - as said in last post the year is just going too fast - in fact I think Christmas must be on its way as our local Borders had lots of boxes of games, scrabble, monopoly, cluedo you know what I mean.......... am sure it was only two weeks ago :)

well hopefully the photo of my challenge layout should be on here somewhere if I have done it right :) If you are going to laugh please do it quietly so I don't hear you ;) this is a rare photo as most of my teenage years were recorded on 35mm slides, which I have yet to have converted to a cd so I can scrap more of those years - but I will do it, mind you I have to retrieve them from my Dad first :lol:

Whatever you are all deciding to do today - enjoy yourselves and have loads of fun :)