01 May 2006

1st May today - WOW - as said in last post the year is just going too fast - in fact I think Christmas must be on its way as our local Borders had lots of boxes of games, scrabble, monopoly, cluedo you know what I mean.......... am sure it was only two weeks ago :)

well hopefully the photo of my challenge layout should be on here somewhere if I have done it right :) If you are going to laugh please do it quietly so I don't hear you ;) this is a rare photo as most of my teenage years were recorded on 35mm slides, which I have yet to have converted to a cd so I can scrap more of those years - but I will do it, mind you I have to retrieve them from my Dad first :lol:

Whatever you are all deciding to do today - enjoy yourselves and have loads of fun :)

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