24 May 2006

Good Morning all, hope you are all well today :) update on DH's mate - he was actually in work the next night for his normal nightshift - he was fine and very embarrassed and of course grateful to his mates for sorting him out - he was also in his wife's bad books as she lives in London - he works his four shifts up here and then goes back home for his six days off.... she was phoning him to see if he got home from the night out okay = she was phoning from 12midnight to about 3am in the end she phoned the police and they suggested the hospital - which she did- and finding out he was there but they could not tell her what was wrong with him as at the time they didnt know.... (she is a nurse) when she finally got hold of him you can imagine she was not a happy bunny - eventually she calmed down and can now see the funny side (I can't quite see what is the funny side myself though) so all's well that end's well - thank goodness.

Office move has gone surprisingly smooth - just waiting for the new desks that were ordered and 6 new filing cabinets then we can get the rest of the boxes off the floor and I won't have to sit cross legged everytime I want to go on the internet.... My own stand alone is on a desk fortunately :)

Had a fantastic night at our crop last night am doing a scrapbooking album of my DS1's and DIL's wedding photos for them as they havent got one yet - DH will be going over later in the year and he can take them with him - they live in Canada.

Right had better sign off now as have to get ready for work but will update again soon with my extremely exciting life :lol:

hugs xx


Roz Roz said...

Can't believe the guy was in work the next day, he must have some red neck, glad the move went well.

Chrissie said...

If I was his wife, I'd have killed him! LOL