20 May 2006

Good morning everyone, what a 24 hours I have just had, well yesterday morning I had to do a mercy dash to Shell with DH's pass - that was at 6.55am - after that went to work and arranged, supervised and took part in the packing of the boxes for our office move, then last night I went to bed about 11.15 as was completely cream crackered after the packing of boxes etc - that tired I was nearly asleep over the computer early evening so went and had a luxurious bath- a whole hour and a half in hot soapy water - ended up with one soggy magazine though

was asleep when the phone went off - lo and behold its DH - he has been out with his mates from work for a retirement - it was 1.45am by this time - he was calling me from the Countess of Chester hospital - okay now heart is racing - fine its not him - one of his mates had collapsed in the restaurant (slow boat- not the restaurants fault) they had drank quite a bit but pete said this fellow looked okay and he thought he must be a big drinker..... anyway he was chucking up everywhere - all over pete - eeeukk and then was out cold so they called an ambulance - and as far as I know he is still in there- DH stayed with him for a while then as he was covered in vomit he called me to collect him - his other mate stayed with him - the hospital doctors were trying to get a reaction from him, hitting him on knee with their little hammers and pete said there was nothing - his wife is still at home in London - he works up here for the four shifts and goes home for his six days off.... so all in all a very eventful day - took me an age to get back to sleep though - DH had to have a shower as well cos I wouldnt let him in the bed as he stunk...... oh and they all sobered up extremely quickly....... and now I am up at 7.00am as I have to go to work to let the workmen in to finish transporting the boxes etc to our new office - fortunately I only have to let them in then in to Morrisions to get some milk etc and then home and then off to our Wirral Crop for our all day crop - fantastic - hope I can stay awake long enough though :lol:

Have good weekend whatever you are all doing - hugs xx :) :) :)

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Roz Roz said...

Oh Chris, sounds like you needed your bath, hope DH friend is ok.