17 May 2006

Hi all, sorry not posted for a few days but been mega busy going to the gym 4 times a week and scrapping when can :) Have finally booked for the Scrappers Unlimited retreat in Gloucester at the beginning of November and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone we met at Brecon and new friends as well :) Gill and I will be bringing Gertie and the twins, as I am sue we will find a place in the car for them, they are only small. We have a crop on saturday all day which we are looking forward to, we do this with our wirral girlies every other week and wouldnt miss it for the world, except I may have to miss one the day before we go on our hols to Cyprus, which I am also looking forward to as this will be our first holiday, my DH and me without any of our children!!!! Last year we went to Canada on our own but went to stay with DS1 and DIL and had a brilliant time - I will upload Layouts/photos eventually - have to start my album of Canada soon :)

Right had better go and get ready for the gym or I will be in trouble with Gill. So will see you again sometime this week or next week :)

hugs xx

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Chrissie said...

Well done on booking into the best retreat in town LOL!! It'll be GREAT to see you again

me x