02 May 2006

Well what an evening I had last night - gill and I were experimenting with our scrapping - trying to do something we hadn't done before so gill did hers - a kaliedascope of some pics she had taken and they look fab - she has them on her blog www.gillydragon.blogspot.com but mine, well did it go right - NO - the instructions which were printed in a magazine in English I hasten to add, were just not explained properly - I had two circular templates and they kept telling me to use the square one........ I DID NOT HAVE A SQUARE ONE - I had printed it off the disc which came with the magazine like it told me and the templates were definitely circular - well after much throwing tantrums and tiaras all over the place we worked it out - good job I did a prototype first instead of ruining a good photo I must say...... anyway by this time it was getting late so gill and I decided that we would try again - in daylight - and with fresh heads so all in all I would say I failed BUT and a really BIG BUT I am not letting it beat me and will do it and will upload it on here for you all to see my success - JUST WATCH THIS SPACE but not for a while hey!!!!

Now I must congratulate Gill on coming 2nd in a challenge layout competition run by www.scrappersunlimited.co.uk with a layout of her and her DH when they were teenagers - you will also find this LO on her blog above :)

right am off now as DH has just got out of the bath and I am off for a cuddle - see you soon :) :)

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