27 June 2006

WOW What happened to June

Well it's nearly a month since I last posted - sorry guys but have been on holiday and with one thing and another the time has just slipped by me.
First we went to Paphos, Cyprus at the beginning of June and had a fabulous time - weather was hot hot hot - in fact towards the end of the 10 days even I had to sit in shade for some of the time, which in all my 49 years has not been heard of........ We had a brilliant time and one of the hilights of the holiday was watching a nest of baby swallows - when we first got there we couldn't see or hear them but we knew they were there because mum and dad were back and forth feeding them constantly - glad I am not a mummy bird I can tell you - anyway I took photos every day that we were there of the nest and mum and dad and eventually you could just see a little beak over the nest until on our last day there were 3 swallows being fed and virtually out of the nest - there were 6 originally but unfortunately nature is and only 3 had survived the first 10 days - hopefully they all three became fully fledged and are flying around cyprus as we speak :) hopefully there should be a picture attached here for you to see.

See what I mean - can you imagine having to feed your babies like that - eeeeewwwuk but it was lovely to watch them grow - we visited the pool bar, which is where the nest was at least twice a day just to watch them - honest :lol:

Another hi-light of the holiday was the fact that we had gone to a child free hotel - I have nothing against children but as mine have now left the nest - sorry - I really did not want to hear overheated mums and dads yelling at their children because they were whinging cos they were too hot so we opted for this hotel which was lovely I have to say and the food was gorgeous and loads of it. When we first got there though it was strange (apart from the fact that it was 1.30am) it was like landing in the middle of the set of 'Coccoon' - you know the film of the oldies that swim in this particular pool after being abducted by aliens and live forever - I don't think there was any under the age of 70 - having said that after the first couple of days the clientele got younger and when we were leaving - we were the oldies :lol: Well have bored you all with my holiday so will love you and leave you now and will be back soon to tell you all about my dad's house move - from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow - oh joy of joys ;)


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