24 July 2006

for some reason it will not let me upload a piccie in that last post - will try in this one :)

Car Boot

Well all, sorry havent been around for a bit but have been a bit busy with Dad's move. He is finally settled now and used to it all - he has even bought himself a new tv - which is HD ready and has freeview built in - I did say what did he think he was doing spending my inheritance but he just laughed at me - oh well, I'll take it off the other two's portion instead :lol: As dad moved from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow you can imagine the stuff he had to get rid of - my bestest friend Gill did a car boot sale yesterday with it all and what an experience it was - it was a busy car boot I have to say but I have never seen so many different types of people in one place before - even Manchester Airport didnt have this many ;) we made £90 which was fabulous as at the beginning we thought it was going to be a waste of time. The one thing I can definitely be sure of though, is that I will NEVER do another car boot as long as I live - I have this thing about going to public loos - especially at this type of event and so does Gill - needless to say when it was finished - we had been there from 6am to 12.30pm without going to the loo and drinking water as it was hot - we headed for Marks & Spencers loos, which was about a 5 min drive away - well we thought we wouldn't stop :lol: the next thing we did was have a wash - hands, face - anything that we could as we felt grimy - I am sorry to those who love car boots but this is how I felt, it could have been because it was so hot and handling money, which makes you feel mucky at the best of times but I felt much better afterwards and we had lunch in M&S. We were absolutely knackered though and by 9.00pm I was ready to go to bed - lasted till 10 though. Went for lunch to Dad's today and told him how we got on and that next time he can do it himself - he just laughed at me and said he would have just chucked it all in the tip....... well we did that with the leftovers anyway :) he wants his share of the money to go to the local hospital where he spent a good part of last year - so I will send them a cheque for £30 soon :)

well will go now but before I do there is a picture of a monster that was in my garden whilst I was watering it the other night - I did not have any shoes on, or my glasses and just saw a blur jump out at me - so I ran in to get my shoes, glasses and of course my camera - well I am a scrapper at heart you know - the little horror would not keep still for me to take his piccie - only managed this one :) Anyone that knows me will tell you I DO NOT DO FROGS of any kind.

08 July 2006


Well this month - well the first week has been busy for me - first of all we have been building up since I came home from my hols to moving my dad from a 3 bedroomed house to a 1 bedroomed bungalow - to give you some idea of the extent of this he had been in the 3 bedroomed house for 46 years with my mum when she was alive and 3 kids (obviously now left home of course) - you can imagine the STUFF we had to remove - my garage is full of boxes of paraphenalia ready to go to a car boot sale........ my darling husband has been whinging about the fact that the garage is full of these boxes - well it doesnt get used for a car so what's his problem....... anyway we finally moved him/furniture last saturday - 1st July - by the end of the day I have to say I was totally and utterly exhausted so dread to think what he felt like. I had to leave him and my sister her DH and his brother at 4pm as I was going to see the Rocky Horror Show with friends that night - good job its a noisy show otherwise might have fallen asleep - left dad's and forgot I still had some things in the boot of my car - oh well he can have them this weekend - have been round a couple of times during lunch hour to finish bits off for him - he is now safely ensconced in his 1 bed bungalow which is so much nicer than being in his 3 bed house - he now only has 4 rooms and a hall to clean whereas before he had 8 rooms to keep tidy and to climb stairs etc.... I feel happier as well as it is warden controlled and she has been round a couple of times to introduce herself to him. Well thats this week - oh apart from the fact that I have been interviewing for a new secretary at work - please someone tell me where all the unemployed are as we only had 6 CV's sent to us and only one of those had legal experience - WHERE ARE ALL THE LEGAL SECRETARIES - I know they are out there somewhere I just wish they would have applied for the job so I could compare them to each other and pick the best one (hopefully) to do the job.
Well am off to my all day crop now so will come back another day to update you on my dad's bungalow and any other trivial things that may happen to me over the next few days :)