24 July 2006

Car Boot

Well all, sorry havent been around for a bit but have been a bit busy with Dad's move. He is finally settled now and used to it all - he has even bought himself a new tv - which is HD ready and has freeview built in - I did say what did he think he was doing spending my inheritance but he just laughed at me - oh well, I'll take it off the other two's portion instead :lol: As dad moved from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow you can imagine the stuff he had to get rid of - my bestest friend Gill did a car boot sale yesterday with it all and what an experience it was - it was a busy car boot I have to say but I have never seen so many different types of people in one place before - even Manchester Airport didnt have this many ;) we made £90 which was fabulous as at the beginning we thought it was going to be a waste of time. The one thing I can definitely be sure of though, is that I will NEVER do another car boot as long as I live - I have this thing about going to public loos - especially at this type of event and so does Gill - needless to say when it was finished - we had been there from 6am to 12.30pm without going to the loo and drinking water as it was hot - we headed for Marks & Spencers loos, which was about a 5 min drive away - well we thought we wouldn't stop :lol: the next thing we did was have a wash - hands, face - anything that we could as we felt grimy - I am sorry to those who love car boots but this is how I felt, it could have been because it was so hot and handling money, which makes you feel mucky at the best of times but I felt much better afterwards and we had lunch in M&S. We were absolutely knackered though and by 9.00pm I was ready to go to bed - lasted till 10 though. Went for lunch to Dad's today and told him how we got on and that next time he can do it himself - he just laughed at me and said he would have just chucked it all in the tip....... well we did that with the leftovers anyway :) he wants his share of the money to go to the local hospital where he spent a good part of last year - so I will send them a cheque for £30 soon :)

well will go now but before I do there is a picture of a monster that was in my garden whilst I was watering it the other night - I did not have any shoes on, or my glasses and just saw a blur jump out at me - so I ran in to get my shoes, glasses and of course my camera - well I am a scrapper at heart you know - the little horror would not keep still for me to take his piccie - only managed this one :) Anyone that knows me will tell you I DO NOT DO FROGS of any kind.

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