29 August 2006


well its been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog so thought I had better come and do it - otherwise Gill will be moaning at me cos I am always on at her to update hers - mind you I don't leave mine for 3 months at a time.......
Gill and I have been on a few outings - strange ones at that - we could be seen one Saturday night hanging over a motorway bridge over the M53, we were taking pictures of moving traffic in the dark - time lapse photography and here is the results - well one of them anyway
We must have looked a sight to drivers and the one poor cyclist who went passed us - poor old thing :)

We had prior to this been to take pictures of Shell (stanlow) with the sun setting behind it so we got sillouettes which was quite good and also to Eastham Ferry to get sunset pics - oh and before Eastham Ferry we went to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum and got some good ones from there - some of them are below :)

The first of these four is Shell at Sunset, the second, Shell from the Boat Museum, third a boat at Eastham Ferry and the last is the Boat Museum itself with two swans, one of which kept hissing at us whilst we were trying to take its picture - obviously camera shy....

Will try and update again in a couple of days :) Thanks for reading, if you havent fallen asleep yet :)

14 August 2006

Chester Zoo

Hi all, Gill and I went on a couple of photoshoots last weekend - on Saturday we went to West Kirby Marina to take pics of the Sunset - oh my god it was gorgeous - Hilbre Island was lit up beautifully - we only just made it in time I have to say and we were absolutely freezing - it was very very windy and cold on the front there - we must have been mad but we werent the only ones there.

Then on Sunday we went to Chester Zoo for the day - just me and her (and thousands of families of course) we had a good day - the weather was a bit naff to start with but it stopped raining and warmed up a bit so it wasn't too bad - we took lots of piccies - mostly of flowers I have to say but we did get a couple of the animals :)

and the animals......

There are plenty more but I won't bore you with them - I managed to completely fill a 1gb memory card and half fill a 128mb also......... god knows how I was obviously just clicking away merrily :) the donkey thingy has a number printed on his bottom, the baby elephant was born in March 2004 and not sure why they left one of the chimps out but he doesn't look impressed :lol:

hugs to all if you have got this far am sure some valium would help :)

09 August 2006

Nearly there

well its August already, now don't get me wrong I love Christmas but its coming round to quick for my liking - each time it gets here I am another year older and I am not sure whether I can cope with that idea at all ;) Never mind there's not much I can do about it, maybe I need to slow my life down a bit but then I have so much to do and I don't know how long I have to do it so I will just have to carry on the way I am :) have done a few LO's recently and have nearly finished my DS1 and DIl's wedding album have done all the LO's just need to finish one - the one attached here (hopefully) is the last page of LO's in the album - I will do a journalling page before I give the album to them. They do not know I am doing it for them. Also, this week we met my DIL's grandparents who are over here from Canada for a UK tour - we did meet them in canada last year - it was lovely they were staying at a hotel about 20 mins from us and it would have been a shame not to have gone and met them - so we went for a couple of drinks and a good chat - I took the nearly finished album with me and Rosemary was thrilled with it but said she would keep it a secret ;)

This next picture is one of Alex's Grandparents and my DH (ont he right-just in case you can't tell with the grey hair which one he is :lol:.