14 August 2006

Chester Zoo

Hi all, Gill and I went on a couple of photoshoots last weekend - on Saturday we went to West Kirby Marina to take pics of the Sunset - oh my god it was gorgeous - Hilbre Island was lit up beautifully - we only just made it in time I have to say and we were absolutely freezing - it was very very windy and cold on the front there - we must have been mad but we werent the only ones there.

Then on Sunday we went to Chester Zoo for the day - just me and her (and thousands of families of course) we had a good day - the weather was a bit naff to start with but it stopped raining and warmed up a bit so it wasn't too bad - we took lots of piccies - mostly of flowers I have to say but we did get a couple of the animals :)

and the animals......

There are plenty more but I won't bore you with them - I managed to completely fill a 1gb memory card and half fill a 128mb also......... god knows how I was obviously just clicking away merrily :) the donkey thingy has a number printed on his bottom, the baby elephant was born in March 2004 and not sure why they left one of the chimps out but he doesn't look impressed :lol:

hugs to all if you have got this far am sure some valium would help :)


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