17 September 2006

Erddig House

Today is the 17th September 2006 and Gill and I decided after the gym this morning we would visit Erddig House, which is about 2 miles outside of Wrexham, North Wales. The weather was warm and sunny for some of it and we got some fabulous photos of flowers etc - we had bought ourselves tripods so we took them with us in the hope that our photos would not be so blurred :) well I have to say these tripods work - well most of the time they do anyway :) We had a good time outside and then had lunch, after this we decided to go into the house - we went through the first bit and showed our tickets - now I had had to search my bag for my ticket as having been in the gardens for rather a long time it had got shoved somewhere and forgotten about..... anyway of we trundled through the courtyard etc and into the house we had gone down two corridors (virtually in the dark due to no electricity in the house) and peeped into several rooms - unfortunately we could hardly see anything also the maps and pics on the walls we could not see either as it was too dark. We got to the end of this corridor when a gentleman asked if he could relieve Gill and I of our bags - now if anyone takes photos regularly you will know how expensive a Digital SLR camera and its accessories are - there was no way on this earth that I was going or gill for that matter, was going to let this man have our bags - he was going to lock them in a cupboard - now we advised him that we had no intention of getting the cameras out of the bags if that was what he was worried about - he called for assistance and the Manageress came and said that the reason we could not take our bags - small backpacks... was because we may knock something and break/damage something - well am not sure if you are familiar with loose 2-4 year old children but I would have thought that the dangers of them knocking/breaking something were greater than myself a 49 year old or Gill and young 51 yearold doing so. We decided that we would leave at this point, which was a shame really as we had had a lovely morning until this..... That aside it is a beautiful place as you will see from the photos :) well you will do when it lets me upload them.... will try again later :)


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