16 September 2006

Half way Through September

Well we are half way through the month again and I havent done too much - well when I say not done too much I suppose I have done quite abit compared to what I used to do - firstly I have been to the gym several times this week - am fine when I get there but the effort to get there is great but Gill keeps me on the straight and narrow and always makes sure we go.... also on Monday went to the local Photography Society - we are hopefully going to learn how to use our cameras correctly and use more of the buttons and see how we do. Both Gill and I have just bought tripods - maybe our pics won't be so blurred now ;). There were lots of things in the shop that we think we need, quite a few we know we need and also some we know we don't need but will want anyway - hopefully if we are really good girls, father christmas will be good to us..... This is the first picture I have taken with my camera on the new tripod - it is of my 18yr old son who reluctantly sat still for me :)

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