30 September 2006

Upload of piccies

here are some of the pics that I couldn't upload previously - have decided to try and do it through internet explorer instead of AOL as it seems to be holding back my posts on there. Having said that I think one of the pics I was trying to upload may have been too large as these 3 uploaded okay :)

The first one is Erdigg House, the second they call the Glass House section and the third are some gears, which were in one of the outhouses and I turned it black and white :)

My husband is due home at 3am tomorrow - he has been fishing in France for a week with one of his mates - he has text me several times over the week to tell me that he has caught approximately 29 (at the last text) fish and that the largest was 39lb - which I take it, is large for a carp...... no doubt I will get the camera from him tomorrow to upload the pics so you have all been warned - there will have to be some in my blog or he will get upset :) :) :) am off now to have an earlyish night cos if he is coming in at 3am I am sure to be disturbed and the more sleep I get before the less grumpy I will be...... mind you I have missed him - he is my radiator on cold nights :)

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