11 September 2006

What a Beautiful Morning

Good morning all, hope you have had a good weekend, the weather here has been gorgeous so gill and I made the most of it.

Saturday we had our all day crop and had a brilliant day - actually did two & a half layouts which were the following two :)

The first one was done for UKS monthly house challenge on Australia and the second is my friends small son Harvey - he is so cute. We spent the weekend with them at their caravan in Colwyn last weekend and it was lovely - we went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, sorry but not keen on it but then I am used to Chester Zoo which is a much larger and better equipped zoo :)

On Friday night Gill and I went in search of a beautiful sunset but unfortunately missed it by minutes so we were on our way home when we went through Towyn in North Wales and spotted a small fairground - we stopped took our cameras out and got some spectacular photos of the lights as you will see :)

Yesterday we went out to Biddulph Gardens and took some fabulous shots which you can see if you go to my http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/merrick10uk/ site as there are too many to upload and I would be spoiled for choice. We had a brilliant day and Biddulph Gardens is a must to visit if you are near it - its not far from Congleton in Cheshire.

Well must go as getting ready for work and need time to put my face on so as not to frighten the other road users :)

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