11 October 2006


  • Good Morning all, well Gill and I are back...... we had the most wonderful time at the cottage near Skipton with all our lovely Wirral Crop friends. We left home on Friday quite early on and drove to Kendal to visit a couple of craft places there then we stopped in a place called Ingleton which was beautiful and had lunch in a little craft shop with a cafe - the pea soup was to die for - it was a very old fashioned village with a river running through it - we wanted to take pics of a viaduct type bridge but unfortunately it was pouring down at the time and the steps down to the river were that old and worn they looked very unsafe to walk down when dry never mind when soaking wet and slippery so we thought it better not to as we didn't want any accidents before the weekend had started :) From there we went on to the cottage - when we found it - we only knocked at one wrong farm house so that's not too bad except that leading to that WRONG farmhouse was a lane with those white stones and lots of white muddy puddles - now don't get me wrong ordinarily it wouldn't bother me but Linda and I were in my car which is an MX5 and is very low to the ground - feels all the bumps (the stones) and when the white mud splashed up around us the car had gone from a beautiful British Racing Green to a mucky white splashed look - I was mortified - when we got to the cottage - eventually - and got out I thought 'my poor car' my darling husband is gonna have his work out washing this off ;) Anyway we found the cottage - oh and it was gorgeous - it smelt lovely when we got into it - pot pourri everywhere and all the 3 bathrooms were lovely and clean and smelt nice as well - everywhere was clean it was fab. hopefully this will let me upload a couple of pics.

    the next set of our girls arrived about an hour after us and Gill went down the road to guide them to the cottage - they had to wait for traffic (cows) to cross from the field on their way to milking for about 30 mins but they eventually got back to the cottage and the last two arrived on their own in the dark with no help except stopping at one cottage/farm to ask the way and he just happened to be a cousin of the owner of the cottage which was great as he knew where to send them.

    All in all we had the most brilliant time - I will tell you more in the next installment as I have to get ready for work now :)

    Okay its nto letting me upload photos again - will try again tonight :)

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