27 November 2006

MEN Arena 26th November 2006

Another eventful busy weekend for me - I have just returned from the Cliff Richard concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester :) I went on Saturday with my sister and we shopped at the Arndale Centre which was fabulous and then on to our hotel which was only 5 mins away from the Arndale Centre - we had our dinner in our room - pizza and chips it was gorgeous - we had to be out by 6.45 as the show started at 7.30 and we were getting a taxi to the MEN. The show was brilliant as usual and whatsmore we walked back to the hotel which is a feat in itself as my sister doesnt walk anywhere - she has bad knees but it was so mild an evening considering its the end of November and we decided that it would be easier than looking for a taxi - it only took us about 10 mins at the most :)

I will leave you with this for now but I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up so watch this space everyone :)

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