30 December 2006

Nearly New Year

Well its nearly the end of the year once again - it does come round so fast. I am not really keen on celebrating new year but this year I have been told that we may be going out to a salsa do, which will be good but not sure I fancy making the effort really due to having a cold - should be Christmas as I look like Rudolph right now with a red nose :lol: am sure when tomorrow comes I will be fine.

Santa was really good to me he brought me a jobo giga one which is a portable hard drive for my photos - I can fill and 1GB memory card in Chester Zoo for a few hours - imagine what I will be like when on the Rocky Mountain Express in June 07..... thought it would be wise to get one of these instead of lots of memory cards - he also brought me a cokin filter system with an ND8 so am now going to increase this by getting the ND4 and ND2 :) not sure if they will make me a better photographer though ;)

have been taking pics of my Amaryllis each day as they change and open so hopefully I will upload a series of photos soon :)

well better go and sort out tonights dinner - DH is at the pub now after the match and will be hungry - eventually - this is the only concession he gets any other time he has to sort himself and us out ;)

will be back soon to add photos and tell you more about my Christmas :)

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