23 November 2007

Good Evening

Hi all, sorry not posted for a couple of weeks but have been busy catching up with everything, including at work..... I can't believe that it is now 3 weeks since my dad passed away - how does time go so fast, which also means that Christmas will soon be upon us. This is going to be strange for us this year as Dad was normally with us for christmas lunch/dinner - depending on what time we had it - DH works shifts and sometimes had to work until 7pm on Christmas Day. Anyway there will only be 4 of us this year as DH's parents are going to his sisters in Dublin for Christmas as they havent been for a couple of years. So the four of us our myself and DH with Son No2 Daniel and Son No 3 Andy. Hopefully his girlfriend Sarah will come round later on to spend the evening with us :) unless they decide to do something else that is :) Son No3 has already said that he is going to miss his grandad as he is so used to him being there - he must have spent at least 15 out of 19 of the last Christmases with us and as Andy is only 19 he has really only had Christmas with his Grandad :( anyway we shall definitely have a good one - I will make sure of that.

At the moment I am printing photographs for our xmas crop tomorrow - its a 12 hour crop and we are in for a treat - there are challenges, loads of food and later on we will have a takeaway and then drink as well so goodness knows what the layouts will look like after that :lol: I am now off to wash my hair make a cup of tea and then early to bed as have early start, so I will love you and leave you for now but I will be back, you can be sure of that :)

hugs xx

08 November 2007

today is my dear Dad's funeral

today is the day we say our final goodbyes to my dad - this week has been one real busy time - I did not realise how much there is to sort out when someone dies - when my mum died 19 years ago I suppose all I did then was arrange the funeral the rest my dad did but now myself and my brother and sister have been doing it - well mostly me..... anyway we have the funeral today straight at the crematorium and I have chosen the music for the final part of the funeral. The song is Time to say Goodbye which is the recording by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman as my dad loved both of these singers - he also loved to listen to classical music but as we are limited to time in the crematorium I have asked them to play the cd as we go in and in the background making sure that the last track is played as the curtains close. I am sure I will get through today with the help of all around me and I would like to thank everyone for their support this week and my lounge at the moment looks like a florist - the flowers I have received are beautiful with the obvious lillies, which are my most favourite flower of all :) I will post on here again soon and am hoping to get back to normality next week as this is what dad would have wanted.


03 November 2007

My Dad

My sad news is that my dad passed away yesterday 2nd November 2007.

It would have been his 74th birthday today. My mum died 19 years ago and over the years my dad and I had this standing joke that when he decides he is going he has to go near bonfire night so we can just have a big bonfire to send him off on - little did I know that he would take me so seriously - probably the only time he has done what I have asked :lol: My dad will be sadly missed but I know that now he is with my mum and that he is finally at peace and not suffering any more.

I have to thank my best friend ever Gill for making sure that I got to the hospital to be at his side when he died as we were both at a scrapbooking retreat in Gloucester so on Thursday she did a 5 hour round trip to get me to the hospital and I am so grateful to her and always will be.

30 October 2007

Going away

Well Gill and I went to Canaervon - please excuse spelling :) for a weekend on Friday 19th October and had a lovely time scrapping all weekend - we even managed a walk up the lane to take some pics - not too many by our standards but it was a gorgeous day :)

these photos show a few of our inmates ;) who also went on the weekend - there were 20 of us - it was a brilliant weekend :)

Now as you may know from my profile I have 3 sons, one in Canada and two at home :) firstly the younger of the three, Andy aged 19 went to a fancy dress for a mates 22nd birthday and the picture shows the three of them (andy & his mates) in our lounge :)

Andy is Captain America, the birthday boy is the policeman :)

Then my dear son No 2 not to be outdone decided to go out on Saturday for halloween - I know its not till tomorrow but who goes out clubbing on a wednesday ;) his makeup was courtesy of his mother - little ol' me :lol:

Now you would think would be the end of it but no, son No 1 in Canada where they celebrate Halloween big style went out on Saturday night also - here is his picture of his night out

Also I am reliably informed that son No 3 is going out as a ghostbuster tomorrow night but unfortunately I won't be there to take the photos so may have to get him to wear it when I come home at the weekend so I can get some pics of him - trusting it is still in one piece that is.
Well must go now as have to be up bright and early tomorrow to go off on another of our weekends of scrapbooking in Gloucester at the retreat in the Hatherley Manor Hotel :) :) :)

30 September 2007

Photos of the Album

I won't put them all on just a few :)

The Album is completed

at last. I have really enjoyed doing the Wedding Scrapbook Album for my neice Joanna and her husband Richard it has been a delight to do. It has probably cost me a lot more than an ordinary present would have cost but I know that they will get more pleasure out of this than a 'toaster' and it will be something to pass down to their children etc :) I will be taking photos of the album today and then possibly arranging to give the album to her soon. I have ordered a nice box to put it in and just need to get some tissue paper to make sure that the album stays clean and looks nicely presented in the box :)

At the moment I am in the middle of an online photography course - a technical one - which I along with Gill were asked to do in order to chat and help others who were taking it :) we went out last weekend taking photos for our theme last week which was 'reflections' and I got some good ones at a vintage car rally which was only 5 mins drive away :)

My favourite is this one of the Jaguar taken from kneeling on the ground virtually underneath the car ;)

here are a couple more:)

15 September 2007


that this blog is supposed to be about my scrapbooking world it appears to have taken a detour around my photographic world at the moment. I am scrapbooking still as much as I can and have been doing a special album for my neice and her new husband of their wedding photos. I had to wait for a while to get the CD with the pics on so that I could start it but I had fun collecting the papers and the embellishments - as you can see from the previous post it was not difficult to choose the colours for the pages :). As soon as it is completed I will take pictures of the layouts and upload some of them - even if I say so myself I am quite proud and pleased with it and have only got a couple of pages to go now :) the last page will be a special page and the pictures below will show you why :)

The baby is due mid March 2008 :) and I am really excited as we haven't had a baby in the family for so long now but the only thing is this will make me a 'great Aunty' and I find that really hard to come to terms with in that I do not sit in a rocking chair in a shawl knitting the night away - the words just make me feel old - I have every intention of being an extremely modern 'great aunty' this baby will think I am its big sister :lol:. I will upload a few more when I have the next batch :). The last page in the wedding album will be of these two pics and will have the heading of 'to be cont'd' on it :)

26 August 2007


On the 26th May 2007 my neice got married Joanna is my sister's daughter and she married Richard who is a Dr in something or other - sorry Richard I can't remember. Considering the weather we have had during this years supposed summer the day was not too bad - little chilly but not cold if you know what I mean. It was not bright sunshine but who wants it steaming hot on the day they get married bearing in mind that the bride normally has loads of layers on and is hot through stress etc anyway and the groom and all are wearing suits which of course include jackets so all in all it was probably the best sort of weather to have - the occasional popping out of the sun would have been good but never mind :) anyway I thought I would just upload a couple of pics for you to see :)
Joanna and Richard signing the Register :)
Richard Joanna and the two flower girls, who were so well behaved on the day considering they were only 2 and 4 years old :)

19 August 2007

Well here we are more than halfway

through August and its still dull, dreary, raining - persistently and I take it now that we are not going to get a summer which is dreadful really but I suppose that as far as I and my family are cncerned we have escaped quite lightly - no floods etc and certainly no hurricanes just wet weather which has meant that my photography has been a bit curtailed - maybe we will get an indian summer so I can get out a bit.

Anyway on Friday I had a half day from work as the tilers were finishing the kitchen, my hubby needed to collect his car from its service and we needed to go pick some floor tiles - we knew what we wanted - or should I rephrase that and say 'I' knew what we wanted - whilst waiting for the tilers to get back from their lunch break my husband shouted me into the garden and told me to bring the camera - I had this sneaky idea what he wanted and I was not disappointed when I got out there - there sitting behind our planter was a 'frog' now this is not one of my favourite creatures - in fac they scare me to death cos you never know when they are gonna jump at you - I know he/she was probably more scared of me but at least he knew when he was gonna jump - I didn't. Anyway out I went with my camera and took a few shots of him - following him around the planter cos he was definitely scared of me - lets face it I am 5' 8" and even lying flat on my tummy that must have still looked huge to him - my camera is probably about 10 times bigger than him as well - poor little mite - anyway here are a couple of the pics that I took :)

I have also taken some of the flowers in my garden as well - at least I can dash inside if it rains :)

fuschia - one of my favourite plants
haven't a clue what this one is - its in my hanging basket that my dear friend Gill's husband made for us :)

05 August 2007

Golden Acre Park - Leeds

Today Gill (pic to the left) and I travelled from Cheshire to Leeds - 1 1/2 hour journeyish - with a stop at the services for breakfast as we left home at about 8am.... Anyway we got there just after 10am and met up first with Richard, Joyce and Terry - Geoff, Joyce's other half was away in the car park to make sure we knew where they were :) then we were joined by Darren and Dai. We then trundled off to take pics in the park - the weather was absolutely gorgeous - considering the weather we have had of late we couldn't have picked a better day. We had a lovely time with some fabulous people who I had never met before only through talking on a photography forum and they are just like they are on there - lovely, kind, helpful and loads of fun :) oh and a cheeky one - Richard ;) Here are a few of the pics from today :)

Geoff :) it was such a hard task eating that ice cream ;)

Richard trying to escape the camera - too slow honey :)

04 August 2007

My Dad

Well I thought I would do two posts today - didn't want them to get confused... On Wednesday last week my Dad phoned me at work early to say he was having pains in the chest again so I drove round and shortly after the ambulance arrived. They took him in to the hospital and did the usual checks and by lunchtime he was sent home. Well Friday morning again whilst I was in work early again - 8.30am... He called me again with the same problem. Again he was taken in to hospital and this time they have kept him in. He also had the pains on thursday but he said they didn't last as long - as he is 73 and suffers angina and has done for many years, he has had a quadruple bypass about 10 years ago which worked but they don't last for ever - so they are doing tests on him again and he is to have a discussion with the consultant about an angiogram and also possibly a stent or balloon to open up the arteries. He is so fed up now as he can't even plan a holiday in case anything happens - as he says he would rather it happened at home than abroad. Hopefully they will be able to find out what is causing it this time and sort him out.

On another note our son no.3 had his operation on 2nd July on the giant cell granuloma in his mouth - we were told that they may put in a metal plate but they said they did not need to which meant it was a smaller operation than we first thought - having said that it was still a big operation to him and us. He was on liquidised foods for about 2 weeks afterwards and as he is so skinny anyway - honest you could play the xylophone on his ribs ;) - I was buying him the weight gain drinks and whole milk, which must have worked as he only lost about 2lb overall and now he is eating normally again I think he may have put that back on thank goodness. he is going on holiday on Wednesday with Sarah his girlfriend to Rhodes and he is so looking forward to it as at one point we didn't think he was going to be able to go, as they don't let you fly if you have had a general anaesthetic recently but it was 6 weeks ago so they said he would be okay.

Speaking of weight, whilst on holiday in Canada and probably for the six months leading up to the holiday I have put on so much weight - probably over 1 stone - that I have now gone back to my sensible eating which I normally do anyway and I have lost 1/2 stone in two weeks and hopefully the other stone will come off just as easily :) I feel more positive about it now as well and I can see the difference already - even with only 1/2 stone - this could be psychological but who cares, it makes me feel better :)

well I am off out early with Gill tomorrow to Leeds on a photography trip to meet some of our photography friends from www.photography4allforum.co.uk and hopefully the weather will hold out for us so we don't get too wet :) and as we are leaving at 7.45am I think I had better retire to my bed as it is now 11.30pm.... so will love you and leave you to another date soon - hopefully with photos of tomorrow :)

well we are now on the train

This photo was taken from the moving Rocky Mountaineer at Kamloops Lake - I was so surprised when I uploaded this one, I did not expect it to be so clear and sharp because it was taken on the train - I had seen the photo opportunity coming up through looking forwards in the train so I had the camera ready when we got to it - I wanted to get the reflections in the lake, which I did and when uploading it noticed that I have got the reflection of the band/stripe which runs the length of the train in the water too - right in the centre :) couldn't have done that if I had tried..... The second photo is just a bit further along the lake :) As you can see it is a beautiful peaceful lake :)

28 July 2007

Canada Trip

I know I have been a bit lax in my postings of late but life has been a bit hectic around here to say the least but hopefully all is calming down now :) firstly I thought I would post some pics of our recent holiday to Canada where our son No1 and DIL live. We flew in to Calgary after an 8 hour flight and spent the rest of sunday and all of monday driving around this area - about 1 1/2 hours from Calgary is a place called Lake Louise - OMG how gorgeous is this lake - quite misty this day as it had been raining quite heavily the day before. The water on this lake is really turquoise it is caused by the minerals from the mountains when the snow melts :)

Prior to getting to this lake we stopped on the way because our Daughter - in - law saw someone standing at the side of the road, which in Canada usually means there is something to look at, so we turned round and went back and lo and behold, in the distance, there was a grizzly and her two cubs, this was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen to see a bear and her cubs in their own natural habitat - it was breathtaking :)

and further on from Lake Louise was another lake 'Morraine Lake' which was even more tranquil and beautiful than Lake Louise :)

There are a lot more photos of Canada - 800ish I think and eventually they will all be uploaded to photobucket
album which is here canadajune2007
hugs xx

02 July 2007

Return from Hols

Hi all, sorry not been around for a while but life has been a bit hectic to say the least - we have just returned from our 2 week holiday in Canada where we went on the rocky mountaineer from calgary to vancouver with our DS1 and DIL and then stayed with them for the rest of the 2 weeks - to say I have jet lag today is an understatement - have tried to stay awake all day which will mean I would be awake over 24 hours - unfortunately have dosed a few times but hopefully will still be able to sleep the night ready for work tomorrow. We also had to go to our local hospital where our DS3 was undergoing his operation on the Giant Cell Granuloma which is mentioned quite a few posts ago - all has gone well today and when we left him tonight he was still feeling the effects of the anaesthetic but he hopes to be home tomorrow :) :) :)

Anyway I am in the process of uploading all the photos from the holiday - where we saw a grizzly and her cubs - and plenty more so look out for more posts - hopefully :)

In the meantime I would like to say if anyone is interested there is a scrapbooking retreat set to go ahead in March next year and the link to it is http://www.moiramcadam.blogspot.com/ come and join us for some mad scrapbooking, challenges and fun with loads of chatter and food etc :) This is going to be a fantastic long weekend of scrapbooking :) there will be classes to book and sideshows to book also :) Please go to the blog and take a look it is set to be one of the NorthWests most popular scrapbooking events :)

Will post more when I am awake :) :) bye for now :)

07 June 2007


Hi all, well I did it, I completed The Race for Life at Chester Zoo held on the 6th June 2007 along with 2499 other competitors. It was fabulous the atmosphere was brilliant (there will be photos soon I promise) . There were families there having picnics with their runners and kids etc and music provided by Buzz FM (i think). I have to say that on Monday 4.6.07 I did start having reservations because I have not been able to train for the last 5 weeks and thought that I would never get round the course before the morning but I turned up with the other 5 of our team - Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd Girls - all bar one of us work there - the 6th is the twin sister of one of our girls who are myself, Emma McCosh, Anna Heeley, Rebecca Ash, Angela Smith & her twin Laura and my friend Gill came along with her camera to take the photos - last year Gill was going to enter the race this time with us but unfortunately she has now got a gammy knee and can't walk too far never mind run. Rebecca and I managed to complete the course in 40 mins doing a run/walk - there were so many people there that unless you were at the front you had no chance of running all the way but then I wouldn't have been able to anyway ;) the other 4 stayed together and said they walked most but occasionally ran and we all certainly ran over the finishing line and some sadistic person but a massive hill at the end of the course - believe me it was a killer but we managed it and with hindsight would have probably got up the hill a lot better had we run up it but there were too many walkers on the hill. I have my medal to prove that I did it and my sister and BIL were there to watch me which was fantastic as I didn't think they would be. Unfortunatley my DH had to work and my sons no2 & 3 were away (and still are) at the Download festival in Leeds, which also meant I came home to an empty house but I had only been in the house for about 30 mins when my son No1 rang me from Canada which made me feel better (even though he hadn't got a clue what I had just done :lol:)

Look out for the photos and I also have another lengthy post to do but am too tired now and its not as good news as this one and if anyone would like to sponsor me for the race for life it is not too late and you can do so by clicking on http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merrick10uk or the link to the right of my blog - all donations are greatly appreciated and will go to help Cancer Research :) and thank you to those who have helped me raise over £200 already :)

See you all soon :)

07 May 2007

12 hour Wirral Crop - 28 4 07

We had a brilliant day at the 12 hour crop there were about 18/19 of us scrapping, eating, chatting, eating more and chatting more with some scrapping thrown in again, it really was a wonderful day. We had challenges to do which we had been given before the day so that we knew what colours the papers were and the themes to match our photos to. There was a badge challenge which was judged by LME, Linda Molly Ellen :) and we had to wear it all day so everyone knew who everyone was :) (at least it wasn't a hat ;)) Anyway, I did the 3 challenges and also one other layout so here they are for you all :)

This challenge was childhood memories - this is Liam and Daniel at Camelot in Cheshire - boy did I want to take the stocks home with me, trouble is they wouldn't fit in my handbag LOL.

Another challenge was 'freestyle' and I chose these flowers from Chirk Castle near Wrexham :)

the third challenge was marriage/romance and I chose this picture of Pete, myself and my parents :)

This was a layout I did because I found the photo on my computer - I didn't even know it was there or how it got there - it is a photo of my daughter in law in Canada taken a few years ago now and I just thought it was such a gorgeous photo and definitely needed scrapping :)

And a couple of pics from some of the girlies at the crop :)

Moira reading out prizewinners - this one was herself :lol:

Sharon in her gorgeous headgear :lol:

Jo getting her fix for her addiction - PRAWNS

Sue receiving her prize as well :) :)

I am so looking forward to the next one which is on 1st December and I have threatened my darling husband NOT to have his xmas do that date this time - last year I missed half of the 12 hour crop because of his works do..... was not a happy bunny I can tell you and his do was not good at all which made it worse. Well as this is a mammoth post I will end it now and see you again soon :)