28 January 2007

DS3 has started his treatment

Andy has had his first steroid injections into the growth/tumour in his gum. I went with him as I wanted to know how he would be afterwards. They gave him a numbing injection and then about 5/6 injections of steroids into the infected area. He was only in there for a short while and when he came out he said it was just like going to the dentst, which incidentally started this whole thing off in the first flipping place. He is not keen on injections but he said it was okay and that he was capable of driving himself there and back so I am letting him go on his own next week - I know he is 18 but I just wasn't too sure how he would react. I will probably go with him again for the last one so we can see what they say about it.

Am off to London next Saturday to see Blood Brothers. There will be four of us going and its a sort of weekend away for my birthday which is the following wednesday when I will be 50 - I am telling you this because my bestest friend will only shout it from the rooftops anyway so I may as well tell everyone beforehand :lol:

DH (Darling Husband) is working on what is called 'the shutdown' at Shell at the moment which means that he is there 7 days a week for 12/13 hours a day - now when he did them in his 20's that was fine but he is now nearly 51 and is knackered already and has only done 1 week and there are about 5 weeks left - will he listen to me - of course not - he doesn't seem to realise that yes, the money is lovely but I do not want to spend it on my own - honest I don't - I would prefer to have him with me. I am working on him to try and get him to at least have the day off for my birthday so we can go out for lunch and have a leisurely day together - hopefully it will work but at the moment it's not - watch this space.

hugs to all :)


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