06 January 2007


Hi all, and a very happy new year to everyone :) sorry a bit late but have been laid up since a couple of days after xmas with cold bug - but on the mend now so thought I would come and wish everyone in blogger land all the best for the new year :) Didnt take too many pics over Christmas due to unwilling models - MIL waving hand in front of face - DS3's GF turning round and DS2 just being a pain as usual...... got a couple of unusual ones of the tree - it couldn't escape :lol:

these were taken on my fuji s9500 starting a full zoom and reducing as I had the shutter release pressed the tree was a bit too blurred but that was one of the first but the other one I quite like :) Am hopefully going on a photography course during March to learn how to use my camera properly and then hopefully.... you will see some good pics that I have taken especially of the spring and summer months when the nice weather returns and then in June when I am off to Canada on the Rocky Mountain Express :)
must say this cold bug I have had has really been a pain - I have not been able to get back to the gym since xmas due to not being able to breathe when I walk never mind exercise :( but next week I will be back there I have a stone at least to lose which I would like to shift before 7th Feb but being realistic I think thats too big a goal but I can try and I won't beat myself up if I don't make it :)
off out to friends tonight which should be good - havent see them since before Xmas so am looking forward to it :)
hugs to all.

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