16 January 2007

Traumas of being a Mum

Over the past few months we have had our fair share of worry over our 18year old son. He had a tooth out in the summer and since then has suffered from a growth on his gum which at first was treated as an absess and then when it was decided that it wasnt he was sent to the local dental clinic where they or so they said at the time, didn't know what it was so referred him to the hospital. Now in those few months it took to get a hospital appointment this 'growth' grew and is currently the size of a plum in his mouth albeit a small plum covering most of his lover back gum where there are not teeth except a wisdom tooth still to come out of the gum..... anyway you can imagine what we were thinking and no one was telling us it wasnt what we were thinking - Andy appeared to be oblivious to all the worry that was going on - obviously a mechanism that only teenagers seem to have - he had a biopsy on 28th December which was sent away and took about 2 weeks to get the results because of the new year - even though they put URGENT on it.... the results came back last week and we were told that it could be one of 3 things - a peripheral cell granuloma, a giant cell granuloma or a hyper parathyroidism - the latter of which the symptoms are extreme lethargy and depression (as well as many more) neither of which Andy was suffering from so me I just dismissed that one myself. the other two when I looked them up on the internet, which I know doctors don't really like you doing but I was interested to know what they were, looked like what andy had in his mouth. This thing by the way bleeds quite a bit - many a ruined pillowcase will testify to that one. Now today we went to another visit because last week they took blood samples to find out what his calcium levels were like as his lower jaw had a piece missing. They have come back normal and the consultant now says that it is the Giant Cell Granuloma which is caused by trauma - having his tooth out 6 monthsish ago - and as such this has grown and is destroying part of his jaw. We now know 99.99% that its not cancerous and that they will do steroid injections for six weeks to see if that gets this down and may encourage regrowth of his bone. If not then it will mean an operation to get rid of it and possible reconstruction of part of his jaw - the gap is not huge but he has been told that his kickboxing and rugby days are over - at this point I advised them that the most energetic thing Andy did each day was crawl out of bed :) so he is lucky there really :) We now have to see what happens but I can say that the relief felt by everyone here was enormous and I did not really know how stressed I was until I was told that it was not cancerous - I suppose we are one of the lucky ones and are so grateful for that. We are also told that this is very rare and that they probably only have 1 at the most in a year in the whole of the Merseyside/Cheshire health area which is huge....... Needless to say our telephone has been hot today and my texting finger is worn out but am so glad that I could text the above to everyone and will just watch what happens now with the steroid injections - hopefully they will work and everything will be find but if not then we will cross that bridge if we come to it. thanks for reading this I feel a whole lot better now I have typed this :)


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