22 March 2007

I have had a horrid day at work

I know that you don't want to know this but I am going to put it in type anyway - hopefully it will make me feel better about it.... had the most horrendous day at work - stress wise - now normally I do not stress easy and I suppose it wasn't really stress its just a boss who has his knickers in a knot over something and everyone knows about it. He is on a 'we have to settle claims' run at the minute to generate more money into the company - now I know this goes on in all small companies so normally wouldn't bother me but have a downer on myself at the moment anyway but he has made some mistakes which I have uncovered today - thus saving the company a couple of thousand pounds..... now you would think he would say thanks for finding that out wouldnt you but 'no' he just said why wasn't it checked at 'your' end - needless to say between gritted teeth I said this would have been difficult as I was in Cyprus at the time.... these mistakes were from June last year. You would also have thought that the company we had paid twice would know that we had paid them twice and return one of them but no they didn't - it was a car hire company - surely they would have picked this up at their year end.... and whatsmore normally he does not surface or arrive into the office before 11am but in the last 3 weeks he has been there well before 10am and every day which is unheard of and is very unsettling for the staff because they think they are being watched all the time and that everything is personal.... I suppose this is what I have to expect being a Practice Manager - most of the time my job is lovely and not stressful - I just think that at the moment he is having a mid-life crisis and taking it out on everyone else - think we need to inject some fun into his day - will have to see what someone can do tomorrow - that is if he doesnt have change of heart and have the day off.....

phew rant over and I have to say, I do feel better for that :)

On a nicer note my darling husband and myself are going away for the weekend next weekend friday to Monday to Nidd Hall in Yorkshire - we have not had a weekend away for about 4 years and think we deserve this especially as he has not long completed a gruelling 8 week shutdown at Shell where he worked everyday except one (my birthday) in all that time and it's his birthday tomorrow. So I organised this weekend for us and we are both so looking forward to it. He is taking his fishing rod with him as there is a fishing lake on there - whether he gets to do some or not we don't know but we will see what happens - if he does and he catches rest assured I will post some pics on here :)

well better go and start getting ready to go out now - off to salsa dancing tonight - just need to decide what to wear and then I will be ready :)

have a good evening everyone :) :) :)

14 March 2007

Further episodes of Son No. 3's hospital visits

well today I decided that I would call the hospital as we had not had the appointment that we were promised 2 weeks ago and the Consultant was due to go away on holiday this weekend and as far as we knew he wanted to see Andy before he went. So I eventually get through to his secretary who went off and spoke with him - she then came back and said can you come down this afternoon...... I immediately said yes what time? 2pm she says - well my son was in work at this point and didnt finish until 2.30pm. I called him and he was allowed to leave at 1.30 to get to the hospital for 2. I left work at 1.25pm only to be confronted 5 minutes down the road with a flipping traffic census - well they were stopping nearly every car in the queue which was quite annoying - I thought there is no way my little mx5 is going to get through without being censusssssssed (or whatever the word is ;)) so I had my answer all ready to give them BUT I DID NOT GET STOPPED - oh well at least i got through to get to the hospital as that was where I was meeting Andy. I pulled up in the car park and texted Andy or should I say typed the text into my phone when I saw him pull up behind me - he had been stopped in the census queue as well and must have been only a couple of cars behind me - but he got stopped and questioned unlike me. Anyway we got to the hospital and we were taken in within about 25 mins and see by the consultant - he decided that the granuloma has shrunk some but not enough for their liking so they have decided to give Andy 6 more sets of injections with double the dosage of the steroids and then after that they are going to operate with a provisional date for the 2nd of July, which is 2 days after his dad and I return from our holiday to Canada to see our No 1 son and our daughter in law - who we have not seen for two years, other than by webcam of course, it is also our 30th wedding anniversary that day. Fortunately as I will more than likely still be jetlagged I had booked that day of work anyway to at least that is a good date for us. He is required to stay in the hospital overnight, which he is not liking the idea of as he knows he will be in an adult ward and thinks that it is going to be sooooooooo boring. Not sure if they will allow him to take his guitar in with him ;) Anyway hopefully by the end of July all this will be over and we can try and forget that it ever happened and get back to a life without hospitals etc. But I do have to say one thing - the NHS have been absolutely fabulous with us - right from when he got his first hospital appointment we have been dealt with efficiently and extremely fast - which was a bit worrying at first but fortunatley unfounded. I would like to praise the staff and the consultants at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire not only for the treatment of ourselves with our son but also for the treatment that they afforded my Dad 2 years ago when he was extremely ill - again it was second to none. Thanks guys for your help :)

thanks for reading if you got this far without being too bored :)

11 March 2007

Good Afternoon

on this overcast chilly day.

Thought I would update you on my training for the 5k race for life in June. I managed on the treadmill at the gym this morning to do 5.5k in 40mins with a mixture of running for 10mins, walking for 10 mins then running again for 10 mins and walking the rest of the time. I was really pleased with myself and hope by next sunday that I can run for 15mins at a time - here's hoping :) I have now raised online sponsorship of £100 which I am made up with but hope to double that before the race - so if anyone is reading this and would care to sponsor me the link is
http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merrick10uk and thank you so much in advance. will keep you updated with more training info as it goes :)

08 March 2007

News on Son

Andy has had his course of 6 injections (well more really - as had about 4 each time) of steroids - they were disappointed that the granuloma had not really shrunk if at all - at the moment we are still waiting for an appointment to see the consultant to see where we go from here but tonight Andy said he thought that it had shrunk - when I looked the lump/growth does actually look small than it did a week ago - now not sure if this is how it works - shrinking a week after the injections have finished but at least it has gone down - it is now below the level of his teeth whereas before it was above the level of his teeth - he now says that his tongue fits his mouth better :) with a bit of wishful thinking on both our parts you never know by the time we get this appointment it may have shrunk considerably and they may go for further injections to see if they can finish the flipping thing off :)

well just thought I would post this to let you know how he was getting on - to him its just a nuisance now and could do without all the fuss and nonsense - he just has not got a clue about how worried we were but then that's the prerogative of youth and I hope that never changes :) here is a photo of him - just so you can see what we have to put up with :lol: we love him to bits of course :) he is watching football on the tv in this picture - there are a series of them with strange looks on his face as the match progressed - it wasn't even his team playing :lol:

hugs xx

07 March 2007

Jumbles Reservoir

Well I survived the mega busy weekend - Saturday it was the ferry trip and Sunday it was a visit to Jumbles Reservoir near Bolton, Lancashire :) Gill and went off with our trusty cameras to meet some photography friends we had made on the internet - yes I know this could have been dodgy but we are both adults our other halves knew where we were going and there was a mixed bunch of people from as far south as Portsmouth ranging through the northwest and also Sheffield way. A most unlikely bunch of people you will ever see but we had a fun packed brilliant day despite the fact that GOD had decided to let it rain on us and boy did it rain........ We spent about half an hour in the tea shop when Hugh popped out and said the rain had stopped so off we trudged with our cameras to be met by spitting rain again :( anyway within about 5 or 10 mins the rain stopped and we had about 2 hours of no rain in which to take our pics :) Kenny had organised this day out and he had a couple of surprises sprung on him - Tracey and Paul had come all the way from Portsmouth without telling Kenny that they would be there and it was such a shock to him - we nearly had to kickstart his pacemaker again :lol: then to top that whilst we were heading for the tea shop - Sharon who was originally staying at home to help look after her mum who has just had an operation on her knee turned up and surprised him again, this necessitated his pace maker to be kickstarted again ;) (he hasn't got one - that I know of that is) anyway off we all trudged with our cameras, tripods and lenses etc taking photos all around. If it had been a lovely summers day am sure that Jumbles would have looked spectacular but as it was the sky was grey but it gave us some fabulous waterfall shots :)

Training for the 5k Race for life is going steadily - I managed (after work) 3.5km on the treadmill whilst needing to go to the loo - I know I should have gone before I got on it but I forgot..... so i managed the 3.5km in half an hour and as a bonus burnt up 232 calories as well so I was made up with that as that was twice my breakfast :lol: next visit to the gym is Friday after work and then Sunday morning again - I seem to manage more easily on a Sunday morning but that must be because I have just got out of bed and not just left a gruelling 8 hours at work :( I have managed to get quite a bit of sponsorship on my http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merrick10uk page - I hope to raise about £200 on there and also have a form for collecting from non computer orientated peeps as well.
Well am off now to read some lessons I have printed out in relation to my camera the Nikon D80 (I have only had this for a month and need to learn more about it) so will see you all for the next episode in my eventful (I know I know) life :)
hugs to all xx

04 March 2007

Our Ferry Trip 3 3 07

The mast of the Ferry and the statue of Billy Fury
Gill, Colin and Gordon on the way over on the Ferry

Yesterday Gill and I went off on a trip on the mersey ferry with friends from our photography forum on wirral and had a lovely day - the weather was gorgeous except it was sooooooo cold. We left Birkenhead at 11.20am stopped over in Liverpool and took some pics of the architecture of the famous Liverpool Waterfront - which incidentally is now being spoiled by the new more modern buildings - they just do not blend in well at all :( had lunch in a cafe at the Albert Dock and then came out to take more photos and whilst walking round we lost Colin one of our little group - we did retrace our steps looking for him and he says he retraced his but we seem to have passed somewhere without seeing each other ;) anyway we got back to the ferry for 2pm thinking he may have returned there to wait for us but we searched the ferry and there was no sign of him but by this time the 3 of us could not get off as they had closed the doors/gates whatever they are called so we decided we would try and find his telephone number when we get home and ring him - next time we will make sure we have each others mobile phone number just in case. got some nice photos from our trip though and hopefully some of them will be uploaded here :)

Woodside Ferry and the Pilot Boat.

We are off on another photoshoot day today (Sunday 4/3/07) with friends from another ph0tography forum to Jumbles Reservoir in Bolton, Lancashire so hopefully we will get some fabby photos from there as well - have my wellies ready because I think this one may be a bit wet - the weather does not look as good as it was yesterday :(

see you soon :)

02 March 2007

I must be mad

but its all in good cause - I have signed up for the Race for Life at Chester Zoo on the 6th June 2007. There are a few of us from work who are going to run, walk or jog depending upon ability. My friend Gill will be there to take the photos for us - so you can all have a good laugh :)

Anyway I am in the process of training, which starts in earnest tonight when I go to the gym - hopefully I will be able to manage about 3/4 of an hour on the treadmill with a mix of walking and running - must get a new bra........ don't want to give myself a black eye do I :)

now if you go to


you can see how much I have raised online and maybe sponsor me in my madenss but no pressure guys its purely so that if I tell as many people as possible then I wont be able to back out of it will I :) :) :)

Right now an update on Andy - he has now completed his course of treatment for the giant cell granuloma - he had 6 weeks of steroid injections - unfortunately although it has shrunk slightly they are pretty disappointed with the fact that it is still there and still quite large - they have decided that we go for a chat with the consultant in 2 weeks and see from there whether they blast it with double the dose of steroids over another course of say 5/6 weeks or if they go straight for the operation to remove it - they say that the 5/6 weeks course of injections may only take 20 mins off the operation time so all in all may not really be the best option - Andy himself I think wants to opt for the operation as he would like to get this over and done with now - it really is getting on his nerves and would like to book a holiday and can't till he knows what is happening - you know what 18 yearolds are like :) myself I will go with what the consultant says but then as Andy is 18 it is his choice not mine so we will see what happens in two weeks at the appointment and will post on here again. On the plus side it does not bleed as much now so maybe the injections have done something after all :)

A few weeks ago I reached my 50th birthday - shock horror - I know I don't look that old :lol: about 2 weeks before that I received a letter from the hospital to go for my mammogram and the date that they gave me was MY BIRTHDAY - now with all the will in the world I did not want to spend any part of my 50th in the hospital and have to say they had a laugh when I rang up to change it - anyway I have now been for the mammogram and have had the results and all is clear :) :)

gosh this is such a long waffle this morning - off on two different photoshoots this weekend so will be having some pics to upload hopefully :)

have a good day everyone :)