14 March 2007

Further episodes of Son No. 3's hospital visits

well today I decided that I would call the hospital as we had not had the appointment that we were promised 2 weeks ago and the Consultant was due to go away on holiday this weekend and as far as we knew he wanted to see Andy before he went. So I eventually get through to his secretary who went off and spoke with him - she then came back and said can you come down this afternoon...... I immediately said yes what time? 2pm she says - well my son was in work at this point and didnt finish until 2.30pm. I called him and he was allowed to leave at 1.30 to get to the hospital for 2. I left work at 1.25pm only to be confronted 5 minutes down the road with a flipping traffic census - well they were stopping nearly every car in the queue which was quite annoying - I thought there is no way my little mx5 is going to get through without being censusssssssed (or whatever the word is ;)) so I had my answer all ready to give them BUT I DID NOT GET STOPPED - oh well at least i got through to get to the hospital as that was where I was meeting Andy. I pulled up in the car park and texted Andy or should I say typed the text into my phone when I saw him pull up behind me - he had been stopped in the census queue as well and must have been only a couple of cars behind me - but he got stopped and questioned unlike me. Anyway we got to the hospital and we were taken in within about 25 mins and see by the consultant - he decided that the granuloma has shrunk some but not enough for their liking so they have decided to give Andy 6 more sets of injections with double the dosage of the steroids and then after that they are going to operate with a provisional date for the 2nd of July, which is 2 days after his dad and I return from our holiday to Canada to see our No 1 son and our daughter in law - who we have not seen for two years, other than by webcam of course, it is also our 30th wedding anniversary that day. Fortunately as I will more than likely still be jetlagged I had booked that day of work anyway to at least that is a good date for us. He is required to stay in the hospital overnight, which he is not liking the idea of as he knows he will be in an adult ward and thinks that it is going to be sooooooooo boring. Not sure if they will allow him to take his guitar in with him ;) Anyway hopefully by the end of July all this will be over and we can try and forget that it ever happened and get back to a life without hospitals etc. But I do have to say one thing - the NHS have been absolutely fabulous with us - right from when he got his first hospital appointment we have been dealt with efficiently and extremely fast - which was a bit worrying at first but fortunatley unfounded. I would like to praise the staff and the consultants at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire not only for the treatment of ourselves with our son but also for the treatment that they afforded my Dad 2 years ago when he was extremely ill - again it was second to none. Thanks guys for your help :)

thanks for reading if you got this far without being too bored :)

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