22 March 2007

I have had a horrid day at work

I know that you don't want to know this but I am going to put it in type anyway - hopefully it will make me feel better about it.... had the most horrendous day at work - stress wise - now normally I do not stress easy and I suppose it wasn't really stress its just a boss who has his knickers in a knot over something and everyone knows about it. He is on a 'we have to settle claims' run at the minute to generate more money into the company - now I know this goes on in all small companies so normally wouldn't bother me but have a downer on myself at the moment anyway but he has made some mistakes which I have uncovered today - thus saving the company a couple of thousand pounds..... now you would think he would say thanks for finding that out wouldnt you but 'no' he just said why wasn't it checked at 'your' end - needless to say between gritted teeth I said this would have been difficult as I was in Cyprus at the time.... these mistakes were from June last year. You would also have thought that the company we had paid twice would know that we had paid them twice and return one of them but no they didn't - it was a car hire company - surely they would have picked this up at their year end.... and whatsmore normally he does not surface or arrive into the office before 11am but in the last 3 weeks he has been there well before 10am and every day which is unheard of and is very unsettling for the staff because they think they are being watched all the time and that everything is personal.... I suppose this is what I have to expect being a Practice Manager - most of the time my job is lovely and not stressful - I just think that at the moment he is having a mid-life crisis and taking it out on everyone else - think we need to inject some fun into his day - will have to see what someone can do tomorrow - that is if he doesnt have change of heart and have the day off.....

phew rant over and I have to say, I do feel better for that :)

On a nicer note my darling husband and myself are going away for the weekend next weekend friday to Monday to Nidd Hall in Yorkshire - we have not had a weekend away for about 4 years and think we deserve this especially as he has not long completed a gruelling 8 week shutdown at Shell where he worked everyday except one (my birthday) in all that time and it's his birthday tomorrow. So I organised this weekend for us and we are both so looking forward to it. He is taking his fishing rod with him as there is a fishing lake on there - whether he gets to do some or not we don't know but we will see what happens - if he does and he catches rest assured I will post some pics on here :)

well better go and start getting ready to go out now - off to salsa dancing tonight - just need to decide what to wear and then I will be ready :)

have a good evening everyone :) :) :)

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