02 March 2007

I must be mad

but its all in good cause - I have signed up for the Race for Life at Chester Zoo on the 6th June 2007. There are a few of us from work who are going to run, walk or jog depending upon ability. My friend Gill will be there to take the photos for us - so you can all have a good laugh :)

Anyway I am in the process of training, which starts in earnest tonight when I go to the gym - hopefully I will be able to manage about 3/4 of an hour on the treadmill with a mix of walking and running - must get a new bra........ don't want to give myself a black eye do I :)

now if you go to


you can see how much I have raised online and maybe sponsor me in my madenss but no pressure guys its purely so that if I tell as many people as possible then I wont be able to back out of it will I :) :) :)

Right now an update on Andy - he has now completed his course of treatment for the giant cell granuloma - he had 6 weeks of steroid injections - unfortunately although it has shrunk slightly they are pretty disappointed with the fact that it is still there and still quite large - they have decided that we go for a chat with the consultant in 2 weeks and see from there whether they blast it with double the dose of steroids over another course of say 5/6 weeks or if they go straight for the operation to remove it - they say that the 5/6 weeks course of injections may only take 20 mins off the operation time so all in all may not really be the best option - Andy himself I think wants to opt for the operation as he would like to get this over and done with now - it really is getting on his nerves and would like to book a holiday and can't till he knows what is happening - you know what 18 yearolds are like :) myself I will go with what the consultant says but then as Andy is 18 it is his choice not mine so we will see what happens in two weeks at the appointment and will post on here again. On the plus side it does not bleed as much now so maybe the injections have done something after all :)

A few weeks ago I reached my 50th birthday - shock horror - I know I don't look that old :lol: about 2 weeks before that I received a letter from the hospital to go for my mammogram and the date that they gave me was MY BIRTHDAY - now with all the will in the world I did not want to spend any part of my 50th in the hospital and have to say they had a laugh when I rang up to change it - anyway I have now been for the mammogram and have had the results and all is clear :) :)

gosh this is such a long waffle this morning - off on two different photoshoots this weekend so will be having some pics to upload hopefully :)

have a good day everyone :)

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