07 March 2007

Jumbles Reservoir

Well I survived the mega busy weekend - Saturday it was the ferry trip and Sunday it was a visit to Jumbles Reservoir near Bolton, Lancashire :) Gill and went off with our trusty cameras to meet some photography friends we had made on the internet - yes I know this could have been dodgy but we are both adults our other halves knew where we were going and there was a mixed bunch of people from as far south as Portsmouth ranging through the northwest and also Sheffield way. A most unlikely bunch of people you will ever see but we had a fun packed brilliant day despite the fact that GOD had decided to let it rain on us and boy did it rain........ We spent about half an hour in the tea shop when Hugh popped out and said the rain had stopped so off we trudged with our cameras to be met by spitting rain again :( anyway within about 5 or 10 mins the rain stopped and we had about 2 hours of no rain in which to take our pics :) Kenny had organised this day out and he had a couple of surprises sprung on him - Tracey and Paul had come all the way from Portsmouth without telling Kenny that they would be there and it was such a shock to him - we nearly had to kickstart his pacemaker again :lol: then to top that whilst we were heading for the tea shop - Sharon who was originally staying at home to help look after her mum who has just had an operation on her knee turned up and surprised him again, this necessitated his pace maker to be kickstarted again ;) (he hasn't got one - that I know of that is) anyway off we all trudged with our cameras, tripods and lenses etc taking photos all around. If it had been a lovely summers day am sure that Jumbles would have looked spectacular but as it was the sky was grey but it gave us some fabulous waterfall shots :)

Training for the 5k Race for life is going steadily - I managed (after work) 3.5km on the treadmill whilst needing to go to the loo - I know I should have gone before I got on it but I forgot..... so i managed the 3.5km in half an hour and as a bonus burnt up 232 calories as well so I was made up with that as that was twice my breakfast :lol: next visit to the gym is Friday after work and then Sunday morning again - I seem to manage more easily on a Sunday morning but that must be because I have just got out of bed and not just left a gruelling 8 hours at work :( I have managed to get quite a bit of sponsorship on my http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merrick10uk page - I hope to raise about £200 on there and also have a form for collecting from non computer orientated peeps as well.
Well am off now to read some lessons I have printed out in relation to my camera the Nikon D80 (I have only had this for a month and need to learn more about it) so will see you all for the next episode in my eventful (I know I know) life :)
hugs to all xx

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