08 March 2007

News on Son

Andy has had his course of 6 injections (well more really - as had about 4 each time) of steroids - they were disappointed that the granuloma had not really shrunk if at all - at the moment we are still waiting for an appointment to see the consultant to see where we go from here but tonight Andy said he thought that it had shrunk - when I looked the lump/growth does actually look small than it did a week ago - now not sure if this is how it works - shrinking a week after the injections have finished but at least it has gone down - it is now below the level of his teeth whereas before it was above the level of his teeth - he now says that his tongue fits his mouth better :) with a bit of wishful thinking on both our parts you never know by the time we get this appointment it may have shrunk considerably and they may go for further injections to see if they can finish the flipping thing off :)

well just thought I would post this to let you know how he was getting on - to him its just a nuisance now and could do without all the fuss and nonsense - he just has not got a clue about how worried we were but then that's the prerogative of youth and I hope that never changes :) here is a photo of him - just so you can see what we have to put up with :lol: we love him to bits of course :) he is watching football on the tv in this picture - there are a series of them with strange looks on his face as the match progressed - it wasn't even his team playing :lol:

hugs xx

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