04 March 2007

Our Ferry Trip 3 3 07

The mast of the Ferry and the statue of Billy Fury
Gill, Colin and Gordon on the way over on the Ferry

Yesterday Gill and I went off on a trip on the mersey ferry with friends from our photography forum on wirral and had a lovely day - the weather was gorgeous except it was sooooooo cold. We left Birkenhead at 11.20am stopped over in Liverpool and took some pics of the architecture of the famous Liverpool Waterfront - which incidentally is now being spoiled by the new more modern buildings - they just do not blend in well at all :( had lunch in a cafe at the Albert Dock and then came out to take more photos and whilst walking round we lost Colin one of our little group - we did retrace our steps looking for him and he says he retraced his but we seem to have passed somewhere without seeing each other ;) anyway we got back to the ferry for 2pm thinking he may have returned there to wait for us but we searched the ferry and there was no sign of him but by this time the 3 of us could not get off as they had closed the doors/gates whatever they are called so we decided we would try and find his telephone number when we get home and ring him - next time we will make sure we have each others mobile phone number just in case. got some nice photos from our trip though and hopefully some of them will be uploaded here :)

Woodside Ferry and the Pilot Boat.

We are off on another photoshoot day today (Sunday 4/3/07) with friends from another ph0tography forum to Jumbles Reservoir in Bolton, Lancashire so hopefully we will get some fabby photos from there as well - have my wellies ready because I think this one may be a bit wet - the weather does not look as good as it was yesterday :(

see you soon :)

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