08 April 2007

Early Morning

Well on Good Friday I thought it was such a beautiful morning that I would go out early and take some photos - I chose the local park and as it was only 8am there would not be any children around to spoil the tranquility of the park :) So off I trundled with my camera/lenses and my coat. I decided to go to the place where I knew there were 'a host of golden daffodils' so parked the car and took the camera over. What I hadn't reckoned on was the soaking wet grass and I really needed to get down low to take the pics I wanted. I had to rack my brains (which at 8am is not easy I can tell you) to think what I could use - my coat is pale grey so that was out, then I hit on the idea - I have a convertible car and when the roof is down there is a cover for it so you don't see all the metal bits whilst it is folded - so off I trundled back to the car and got out this cover. This worked brilliantly I have to say - mind you it is now covered in grass bits in the boot of the car but never mind will sort that out another day. It was beautiful and quiet on the park - must admit though whilst taking pics on my knees I did get a few looks from drivers as they went past - must have been a strange sight really seeing a batty woman with camera on her knees in the middle of a load of daffodils at 8am..... anyway here are some of the pics :)

I also took a picture of Whitby Hall, which used to be a beautiful building used by the Council for meetings for local government etc but unfortunately it has now been taken over by an Action Theatre Group and they must had got a job lot of red paint as they have painted everything around it in red - all the fencing, posts etc are bright red, which does not do the building any justice whatsoever.Whilst taking pictures of the hyacinths (on my knees again) a gentleman came out from the bowling green area where his little hut is to see if I was okay - he thought that I was ill (or possibly drunk :lol:) I assured him that I was fine and only taking photos - obviously it is not a normal sight at this park for people to be out so early with cameras, which is really a shame.

Also there are quite a few squirrels in the park - but would they keeps still for their photo - would they heck - I managed to get just one decent picture all the rest were blurred :)
There are quite a few different photos on my http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/merrick10uk/ online album if anyone fancies a peek - hopefully over time my photography will get better as I am in the process of learning more about composition, lighting, whitebalance etc :)

well better go and see what the day has in store for me before its over :)


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