30 April 2007

I've been tagged....

thanks Monika ;)

7 Random things about me.....

Okay, here I go.....

1. I am mad (not much of a surprise there I here you all say ;))

2. I want to retire so I can spend more time scrapping, taking photos and visiting my DS1 &DIL
in Canada.

3. I met my DH when I was 16 and he was 17 (sounds like a song) and we have been together since - 34 years this year - married 30.

4. I like cheese - so much so that I could never give it up and hope that when I go for an allergy test soon it is not one of the results - I would be mortified.

5. I don't really drink - probably about 3 glasses a year.... DH always tells everyone that we share the driving - he drives there and i drive back ;)

6. My best friend - gilly_dragon is madder than me :)

7. I love life - you only have one so I am gonna make the most of it :)

Think that's seven. Okay off to see who I can tag.The rules are simple. Find 7 people to tag. You must redirect them to your blog so that they can read the rules via a comment telling them that they have been tagged. Now is this just a spur to get people to read your blog? YUP, but is it fun: YEAH :) So don't be shy.

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