04 April 2007


Hi all, sorry haven't blogged since my rant but been very busy in work - boss seems to have calmed down now and the day before I went away to Nidd Hall I printed out the accounts balance for him and he was pleasantly surprised - he even went round the office and thanked everyone for their hard work in helping to bring it into line so hopefully he will quieten down a bit now - have to say he was in a jovial mood today - he even gave everyone an easter egg...... he thought it would be funny to give one of the small eggs made by lindt - you know the ones about the same size as a cadburys parrot egg only wrapped in red foil - made everyone laugh though :)

Nidd Hall weekend was gorgeous weather was gorgeous except there was an icy blast to it being as its on the other side of the pennines to us.... but nevertheless it was a beautiful place. The Hall is large and has many corridors, poor Pete kept losing his bearings, which is unusual for him, its usually me that happens to :) this is Nidd Hall

This picture was actually taken in October last year as I didnt manage to get a pic of the hotel this time :( It is owned by WarnerBreaks and they only do holidays for adults - which means no kids screaming and running about - it was fabulous. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but couldn't eat a whole one ;).... They had a themed weekend, which was 80's music - on the Friday night it was a band that did lots of different take offs from the 80's and on the saturday night it was a madonna tribute now she was good - she even looked like her - to the gap in the teeth as well.... Sunday night was a Wham tribute - not quite as good but the music was good to dance to. On Saturday we went into Harrogate and Betty's tea rooms for lunch and just walked around - it was quite icy cold - ~DH wanted to find a pub and did - at Yates' - not the best of places to sit in I can say - was a bit grimy for me so we didn't stay too long. On Sunday we went to Fountains Abbey - this was a spectacular place - the Abbey even though now a ruins was brilliant and huge - it must have been a fabulous place in all its glory.

The second photo was taken just as we were leaving - just so we got a view of this side - there were lots of people there as the day was gorgeous - it was quite warm in the sun but not warm enough to take off your coat :)
Imagine the stained glass windows in this building - how beautiful and impressive must they have been :)

On the Monday on the way home we went to Ripley Castle and saw some Deer - not sure what sort but DH says they could have been Fallow Deer - they were a bit spooked at first - probably cos I had a light grey jacket on and they could see me for miles but I managed to get a couple of pics of them :) The pics arent brilliant but that's because the camera was handheld (thought if I try to set up the tripod I would spook them too much) even so they are gorgeous creatures.

This weekend is Easter and Gill has gone away with her DH to somewhere near Worcester and then on Wednesday 11th April we both head to the Brecon Beacons for our ScrappersUnlimited retreat and we are so looking forward to it - we are counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds. We have made boxes with a planner and some nice luxury goodies in to swap with a buddy when we get there and we have made badges so people will know who we are - mind you if they don't know Gill and I by now they soon will and believe you me, they won't forget us..... :)
Well will love you and leave you for now and will try and post before we go. Oh and Gertie and the Twins will be coming with us so watch out for details of their Journey to Brecon Beacons :)

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