07 May 2007

12 hour Wirral Crop - 28 4 07

We had a brilliant day at the 12 hour crop there were about 18/19 of us scrapping, eating, chatting, eating more and chatting more with some scrapping thrown in again, it really was a wonderful day. We had challenges to do which we had been given before the day so that we knew what colours the papers were and the themes to match our photos to. There was a badge challenge which was judged by LME, Linda Molly Ellen :) and we had to wear it all day so everyone knew who everyone was :) (at least it wasn't a hat ;)) Anyway, I did the 3 challenges and also one other layout so here they are for you all :)

This challenge was childhood memories - this is Liam and Daniel at Camelot in Cheshire - boy did I want to take the stocks home with me, trouble is they wouldn't fit in my handbag LOL.

Another challenge was 'freestyle' and I chose these flowers from Chirk Castle near Wrexham :)

the third challenge was marriage/romance and I chose this picture of Pete, myself and my parents :)

This was a layout I did because I found the photo on my computer - I didn't even know it was there or how it got there - it is a photo of my daughter in law in Canada taken a few years ago now and I just thought it was such a gorgeous photo and definitely needed scrapping :)

And a couple of pics from some of the girlies at the crop :)

Moira reading out prizewinners - this one was herself :lol:

Sharon in her gorgeous headgear :lol:

Jo getting her fix for her addiction - PRAWNS

Sue receiving her prize as well :) :)

I am so looking forward to the next one which is on 1st December and I have threatened my darling husband NOT to have his xmas do that date this time - last year I missed half of the 12 hour crop because of his works do..... was not a happy bunny I can tell you and his do was not good at all which made it worse. Well as this is a mammoth post I will end it now and see you again soon :)

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