07 June 2007


Hi all, well I did it, I completed The Race for Life at Chester Zoo held on the 6th June 2007 along with 2499 other competitors. It was fabulous the atmosphere was brilliant (there will be photos soon I promise) . There were families there having picnics with their runners and kids etc and music provided by Buzz FM (i think). I have to say that on Monday 4.6.07 I did start having reservations because I have not been able to train for the last 5 weeks and thought that I would never get round the course before the morning but I turned up with the other 5 of our team - Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd Girls - all bar one of us work there - the 6th is the twin sister of one of our girls who are myself, Emma McCosh, Anna Heeley, Rebecca Ash, Angela Smith & her twin Laura and my friend Gill came along with her camera to take the photos - last year Gill was going to enter the race this time with us but unfortunately she has now got a gammy knee and can't walk too far never mind run. Rebecca and I managed to complete the course in 40 mins doing a run/walk - there were so many people there that unless you were at the front you had no chance of running all the way but then I wouldn't have been able to anyway ;) the other 4 stayed together and said they walked most but occasionally ran and we all certainly ran over the finishing line and some sadistic person but a massive hill at the end of the course - believe me it was a killer but we managed it and with hindsight would have probably got up the hill a lot better had we run up it but there were too many walkers on the hill. I have my medal to prove that I did it and my sister and BIL were there to watch me which was fantastic as I didn't think they would be. Unfortunatley my DH had to work and my sons no2 & 3 were away (and still are) at the Download festival in Leeds, which also meant I came home to an empty house but I had only been in the house for about 30 mins when my son No1 rang me from Canada which made me feel better (even though he hadn't got a clue what I had just done :lol:)

Look out for the photos and I also have another lengthy post to do but am too tired now and its not as good news as this one and if anyone would like to sponsor me for the race for life it is not too late and you can do so by clicking on http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/merrick10uk or the link to the right of my blog - all donations are greatly appreciated and will go to help Cancer Research :) and thank you to those who have helped me raise over £200 already :)

See you all soon :)

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