28 July 2007

Canada Trip

I know I have been a bit lax in my postings of late but life has been a bit hectic around here to say the least but hopefully all is calming down now :) firstly I thought I would post some pics of our recent holiday to Canada where our son No1 and DIL live. We flew in to Calgary after an 8 hour flight and spent the rest of sunday and all of monday driving around this area - about 1 1/2 hours from Calgary is a place called Lake Louise - OMG how gorgeous is this lake - quite misty this day as it had been raining quite heavily the day before. The water on this lake is really turquoise it is caused by the minerals from the mountains when the snow melts :)

Prior to getting to this lake we stopped on the way because our Daughter - in - law saw someone standing at the side of the road, which in Canada usually means there is something to look at, so we turned round and went back and lo and behold, in the distance, there was a grizzly and her two cubs, this was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen to see a bear and her cubs in their own natural habitat - it was breathtaking :)

and further on from Lake Louise was another lake 'Morraine Lake' which was even more tranquil and beautiful than Lake Louise :)

There are a lot more photos of Canada - 800ish I think and eventually they will all be uploaded to photobucket
album which is here canadajune2007
hugs xx

02 July 2007

Return from Hols

Hi all, sorry not been around for a while but life has been a bit hectic to say the least - we have just returned from our 2 week holiday in Canada where we went on the rocky mountaineer from calgary to vancouver with our DS1 and DIL and then stayed with them for the rest of the 2 weeks - to say I have jet lag today is an understatement - have tried to stay awake all day which will mean I would be awake over 24 hours - unfortunately have dosed a few times but hopefully will still be able to sleep the night ready for work tomorrow. We also had to go to our local hospital where our DS3 was undergoing his operation on the Giant Cell Granuloma which is mentioned quite a few posts ago - all has gone well today and when we left him tonight he was still feeling the effects of the anaesthetic but he hopes to be home tomorrow :) :) :)

Anyway I am in the process of uploading all the photos from the holiday - where we saw a grizzly and her cubs - and plenty more so look out for more posts - hopefully :)

In the meantime I would like to say if anyone is interested there is a scrapbooking retreat set to go ahead in March next year and the link to it is http://www.moiramcadam.blogspot.com/ come and join us for some mad scrapbooking, challenges and fun with loads of chatter and food etc :) This is going to be a fantastic long weekend of scrapbooking :) there will be classes to book and sideshows to book also :) Please go to the blog and take a look it is set to be one of the NorthWests most popular scrapbooking events :)

Will post more when I am awake :) :) bye for now :)