26 August 2007


On the 26th May 2007 my neice got married Joanna is my sister's daughter and she married Richard who is a Dr in something or other - sorry Richard I can't remember. Considering the weather we have had during this years supposed summer the day was not too bad - little chilly but not cold if you know what I mean. It was not bright sunshine but who wants it steaming hot on the day they get married bearing in mind that the bride normally has loads of layers on and is hot through stress etc anyway and the groom and all are wearing suits which of course include jackets so all in all it was probably the best sort of weather to have - the occasional popping out of the sun would have been good but never mind :) anyway I thought I would just upload a couple of pics for you to see :)
Joanna and Richard signing the Register :)
Richard Joanna and the two flower girls, who were so well behaved on the day considering they were only 2 and 4 years old :)

19 August 2007

Well here we are more than halfway

through August and its still dull, dreary, raining - persistently and I take it now that we are not going to get a summer which is dreadful really but I suppose that as far as I and my family are cncerned we have escaped quite lightly - no floods etc and certainly no hurricanes just wet weather which has meant that my photography has been a bit curtailed - maybe we will get an indian summer so I can get out a bit.

Anyway on Friday I had a half day from work as the tilers were finishing the kitchen, my hubby needed to collect his car from its service and we needed to go pick some floor tiles - we knew what we wanted - or should I rephrase that and say 'I' knew what we wanted - whilst waiting for the tilers to get back from their lunch break my husband shouted me into the garden and told me to bring the camera - I had this sneaky idea what he wanted and I was not disappointed when I got out there - there sitting behind our planter was a 'frog' now this is not one of my favourite creatures - in fac they scare me to death cos you never know when they are gonna jump at you - I know he/she was probably more scared of me but at least he knew when he was gonna jump - I didn't. Anyway out I went with my camera and took a few shots of him - following him around the planter cos he was definitely scared of me - lets face it I am 5' 8" and even lying flat on my tummy that must have still looked huge to him - my camera is probably about 10 times bigger than him as well - poor little mite - anyway here are a couple of the pics that I took :)

I have also taken some of the flowers in my garden as well - at least I can dash inside if it rains :)

fuschia - one of my favourite plants
haven't a clue what this one is - its in my hanging basket that my dear friend Gill's husband made for us :)

05 August 2007

Golden Acre Park - Leeds

Today Gill (pic to the left) and I travelled from Cheshire to Leeds - 1 1/2 hour journeyish - with a stop at the services for breakfast as we left home at about 8am.... Anyway we got there just after 10am and met up first with Richard, Joyce and Terry - Geoff, Joyce's other half was away in the car park to make sure we knew where they were :) then we were joined by Darren and Dai. We then trundled off to take pics in the park - the weather was absolutely gorgeous - considering the weather we have had of late we couldn't have picked a better day. We had a lovely time with some fabulous people who I had never met before only through talking on a photography forum and they are just like they are on there - lovely, kind, helpful and loads of fun :) oh and a cheeky one - Richard ;) Here are a few of the pics from today :)

Geoff :) it was such a hard task eating that ice cream ;)

Richard trying to escape the camera - too slow honey :)

04 August 2007

My Dad

Well I thought I would do two posts today - didn't want them to get confused... On Wednesday last week my Dad phoned me at work early to say he was having pains in the chest again so I drove round and shortly after the ambulance arrived. They took him in to the hospital and did the usual checks and by lunchtime he was sent home. Well Friday morning again whilst I was in work early again - 8.30am... He called me again with the same problem. Again he was taken in to hospital and this time they have kept him in. He also had the pains on thursday but he said they didn't last as long - as he is 73 and suffers angina and has done for many years, he has had a quadruple bypass about 10 years ago which worked but they don't last for ever - so they are doing tests on him again and he is to have a discussion with the consultant about an angiogram and also possibly a stent or balloon to open up the arteries. He is so fed up now as he can't even plan a holiday in case anything happens - as he says he would rather it happened at home than abroad. Hopefully they will be able to find out what is causing it this time and sort him out.

On another note our son no.3 had his operation on 2nd July on the giant cell granuloma in his mouth - we were told that they may put in a metal plate but they said they did not need to which meant it was a smaller operation than we first thought - having said that it was still a big operation to him and us. He was on liquidised foods for about 2 weeks afterwards and as he is so skinny anyway - honest you could play the xylophone on his ribs ;) - I was buying him the weight gain drinks and whole milk, which must have worked as he only lost about 2lb overall and now he is eating normally again I think he may have put that back on thank goodness. he is going on holiday on Wednesday with Sarah his girlfriend to Rhodes and he is so looking forward to it as at one point we didn't think he was going to be able to go, as they don't let you fly if you have had a general anaesthetic recently but it was 6 weeks ago so they said he would be okay.

Speaking of weight, whilst on holiday in Canada and probably for the six months leading up to the holiday I have put on so much weight - probably over 1 stone - that I have now gone back to my sensible eating which I normally do anyway and I have lost 1/2 stone in two weeks and hopefully the other stone will come off just as easily :) I feel more positive about it now as well and I can see the difference already - even with only 1/2 stone - this could be psychological but who cares, it makes me feel better :)

well I am off out early with Gill tomorrow to Leeds on a photography trip to meet some of our photography friends from www.photography4allforum.co.uk and hopefully the weather will hold out for us so we don't get too wet :) and as we are leaving at 7.45am I think I had better retire to my bed as it is now 11.30pm.... so will love you and leave you to another date soon - hopefully with photos of tomorrow :)

well we are now on the train

This photo was taken from the moving Rocky Mountaineer at Kamloops Lake - I was so surprised when I uploaded this one, I did not expect it to be so clear and sharp because it was taken on the train - I had seen the photo opportunity coming up through looking forwards in the train so I had the camera ready when we got to it - I wanted to get the reflections in the lake, which I did and when uploading it noticed that I have got the reflection of the band/stripe which runs the length of the train in the water too - right in the centre :) couldn't have done that if I had tried..... The second photo is just a bit further along the lake :) As you can see it is a beautiful peaceful lake :)