05 August 2007

Golden Acre Park - Leeds

Today Gill (pic to the left) and I travelled from Cheshire to Leeds - 1 1/2 hour journeyish - with a stop at the services for breakfast as we left home at about 8am.... Anyway we got there just after 10am and met up first with Richard, Joyce and Terry - Geoff, Joyce's other half was away in the car park to make sure we knew where they were :) then we were joined by Darren and Dai. We then trundled off to take pics in the park - the weather was absolutely gorgeous - considering the weather we have had of late we couldn't have picked a better day. We had a lovely time with some fabulous people who I had never met before only through talking on a photography forum and they are just like they are on there - lovely, kind, helpful and loads of fun :) oh and a cheeky one - Richard ;) Here are a few of the pics from today :)

Geoff :) it was such a hard task eating that ice cream ;)

Richard trying to escape the camera - too slow honey :)

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