26 August 2007


On the 26th May 2007 my neice got married Joanna is my sister's daughter and she married Richard who is a Dr in something or other - sorry Richard I can't remember. Considering the weather we have had during this years supposed summer the day was not too bad - little chilly but not cold if you know what I mean. It was not bright sunshine but who wants it steaming hot on the day they get married bearing in mind that the bride normally has loads of layers on and is hot through stress etc anyway and the groom and all are wearing suits which of course include jackets so all in all it was probably the best sort of weather to have - the occasional popping out of the sun would have been good but never mind :) anyway I thought I would just upload a couple of pics for you to see :)
Joanna and Richard signing the Register :)
Richard Joanna and the two flower girls, who were so well behaved on the day considering they were only 2 and 4 years old :)

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