19 August 2007

Well here we are more than halfway

through August and its still dull, dreary, raining - persistently and I take it now that we are not going to get a summer which is dreadful really but I suppose that as far as I and my family are cncerned we have escaped quite lightly - no floods etc and certainly no hurricanes just wet weather which has meant that my photography has been a bit curtailed - maybe we will get an indian summer so I can get out a bit.

Anyway on Friday I had a half day from work as the tilers were finishing the kitchen, my hubby needed to collect his car from its service and we needed to go pick some floor tiles - we knew what we wanted - or should I rephrase that and say 'I' knew what we wanted - whilst waiting for the tilers to get back from their lunch break my husband shouted me into the garden and told me to bring the camera - I had this sneaky idea what he wanted and I was not disappointed when I got out there - there sitting behind our planter was a 'frog' now this is not one of my favourite creatures - in fac they scare me to death cos you never know when they are gonna jump at you - I know he/she was probably more scared of me but at least he knew when he was gonna jump - I didn't. Anyway out I went with my camera and took a few shots of him - following him around the planter cos he was definitely scared of me - lets face it I am 5' 8" and even lying flat on my tummy that must have still looked huge to him - my camera is probably about 10 times bigger than him as well - poor little mite - anyway here are a couple of the pics that I took :)

I have also taken some of the flowers in my garden as well - at least I can dash inside if it rains :)

fuschia - one of my favourite plants
haven't a clue what this one is - its in my hanging basket that my dear friend Gill's husband made for us :)

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