30 September 2007

Photos of the Album

I won't put them all on just a few :)

The Album is completed

at last. I have really enjoyed doing the Wedding Scrapbook Album for my neice Joanna and her husband Richard it has been a delight to do. It has probably cost me a lot more than an ordinary present would have cost but I know that they will get more pleasure out of this than a 'toaster' and it will be something to pass down to their children etc :) I will be taking photos of the album today and then possibly arranging to give the album to her soon. I have ordered a nice box to put it in and just need to get some tissue paper to make sure that the album stays clean and looks nicely presented in the box :)

At the moment I am in the middle of an online photography course - a technical one - which I along with Gill were asked to do in order to chat and help others who were taking it :) we went out last weekend taking photos for our theme last week which was 'reflections' and I got some good ones at a vintage car rally which was only 5 mins drive away :)

My favourite is this one of the Jaguar taken from kneeling on the ground virtually underneath the car ;)

here are a couple more:)

15 September 2007


that this blog is supposed to be about my scrapbooking world it appears to have taken a detour around my photographic world at the moment. I am scrapbooking still as much as I can and have been doing a special album for my neice and her new husband of their wedding photos. I had to wait for a while to get the CD with the pics on so that I could start it but I had fun collecting the papers and the embellishments - as you can see from the previous post it was not difficult to choose the colours for the pages :). As soon as it is completed I will take pictures of the layouts and upload some of them - even if I say so myself I am quite proud and pleased with it and have only got a couple of pages to go now :) the last page will be a special page and the pictures below will show you why :)

The baby is due mid March 2008 :) and I am really excited as we haven't had a baby in the family for so long now but the only thing is this will make me a 'great Aunty' and I find that really hard to come to terms with in that I do not sit in a rocking chair in a shawl knitting the night away - the words just make me feel old - I have every intention of being an extremely modern 'great aunty' this baby will think I am its big sister :lol:. I will upload a few more when I have the next batch :). The last page in the wedding album will be of these two pics and will have the heading of 'to be cont'd' on it :)