30 October 2007

Going away

Well Gill and I went to Canaervon - please excuse spelling :) for a weekend on Friday 19th October and had a lovely time scrapping all weekend - we even managed a walk up the lane to take some pics - not too many by our standards but it was a gorgeous day :)

these photos show a few of our inmates ;) who also went on the weekend - there were 20 of us - it was a brilliant weekend :)

Now as you may know from my profile I have 3 sons, one in Canada and two at home :) firstly the younger of the three, Andy aged 19 went to a fancy dress for a mates 22nd birthday and the picture shows the three of them (andy & his mates) in our lounge :)

Andy is Captain America, the birthday boy is the policeman :)

Then my dear son No 2 not to be outdone decided to go out on Saturday for halloween - I know its not till tomorrow but who goes out clubbing on a wednesday ;) his makeup was courtesy of his mother - little ol' me :lol:

Now you would think would be the end of it but no, son No 1 in Canada where they celebrate Halloween big style went out on Saturday night also - here is his picture of his night out

Also I am reliably informed that son No 3 is going out as a ghostbuster tomorrow night but unfortunately I won't be there to take the photos so may have to get him to wear it when I come home at the weekend so I can get some pics of him - trusting it is still in one piece that is.
Well must go now as have to be up bright and early tomorrow to go off on another of our weekends of scrapbooking in Gloucester at the retreat in the Hatherley Manor Hotel :) :) :)

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