23 November 2007

Good Evening

Hi all, sorry not posted for a couple of weeks but have been busy catching up with everything, including at work..... I can't believe that it is now 3 weeks since my dad passed away - how does time go so fast, which also means that Christmas will soon be upon us. This is going to be strange for us this year as Dad was normally with us for christmas lunch/dinner - depending on what time we had it - DH works shifts and sometimes had to work until 7pm on Christmas Day. Anyway there will only be 4 of us this year as DH's parents are going to his sisters in Dublin for Christmas as they havent been for a couple of years. So the four of us our myself and DH with Son No2 Daniel and Son No 3 Andy. Hopefully his girlfriend Sarah will come round later on to spend the evening with us :) unless they decide to do something else that is :) Son No3 has already said that he is going to miss his grandad as he is so used to him being there - he must have spent at least 15 out of 19 of the last Christmases with us and as Andy is only 19 he has really only had Christmas with his Grandad :( anyway we shall definitely have a good one - I will make sure of that.

At the moment I am printing photographs for our xmas crop tomorrow - its a 12 hour crop and we are in for a treat - there are challenges, loads of food and later on we will have a takeaway and then drink as well so goodness knows what the layouts will look like after that :lol: I am now off to wash my hair make a cup of tea and then early to bed as have early start, so I will love you and leave you for now but I will be back, you can be sure of that :)

hugs xx

08 November 2007

today is my dear Dad's funeral

today is the day we say our final goodbyes to my dad - this week has been one real busy time - I did not realise how much there is to sort out when someone dies - when my mum died 19 years ago I suppose all I did then was arrange the funeral the rest my dad did but now myself and my brother and sister have been doing it - well mostly me..... anyway we have the funeral today straight at the crematorium and I have chosen the music for the final part of the funeral. The song is Time to say Goodbye which is the recording by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman as my dad loved both of these singers - he also loved to listen to classical music but as we are limited to time in the crematorium I have asked them to play the cd as we go in and in the background making sure that the last track is played as the curtains close. I am sure I will get through today with the help of all around me and I would like to thank everyone for their support this week and my lounge at the moment looks like a florist - the flowers I have received are beautiful with the obvious lillies, which are my most favourite flower of all :) I will post on here again soon and am hoping to get back to normality next week as this is what dad would have wanted.


03 November 2007

My Dad

My sad news is that my dad passed away yesterday 2nd November 2007.

It would have been his 74th birthday today. My mum died 19 years ago and over the years my dad and I had this standing joke that when he decides he is going he has to go near bonfire night so we can just have a big bonfire to send him off on - little did I know that he would take me so seriously - probably the only time he has done what I have asked :lol: My dad will be sadly missed but I know that now he is with my mum and that he is finally at peace and not suffering any more.

I have to thank my best friend ever Gill for making sure that I got to the hospital to be at his side when he died as we were both at a scrapbooking retreat in Gloucester so on Thursday she did a 5 hour round trip to get me to the hospital and I am so grateful to her and always will be.