08 November 2007

today is my dear Dad's funeral

today is the day we say our final goodbyes to my dad - this week has been one real busy time - I did not realise how much there is to sort out when someone dies - when my mum died 19 years ago I suppose all I did then was arrange the funeral the rest my dad did but now myself and my brother and sister have been doing it - well mostly me..... anyway we have the funeral today straight at the crematorium and I have chosen the music for the final part of the funeral. The song is Time to say Goodbye which is the recording by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman as my dad loved both of these singers - he also loved to listen to classical music but as we are limited to time in the crematorium I have asked them to play the cd as we go in and in the background making sure that the last track is played as the curtains close. I am sure I will get through today with the help of all around me and I would like to thank everyone for their support this week and my lounge at the moment looks like a florist - the flowers I have received are beautiful with the obvious lillies, which are my most favourite flower of all :) I will post on here again soon and am hoping to get back to normality next week as this is what dad would have wanted.


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