21 April 2008

Doesn't time fly

Hi all, sorry not updated my blog for ages - time just seems to have gone by so quickly - was busy post Christmas with the organising of the very first NorthWest Magical 'Me'Treat at The Mollington Banastre Hotel in Chester and we had a brilliant time = there were classes, challenges help from all angles, stash to buy and loads of goodies to eat and for the likeminded you could go and use the hotel spa......... not that I had time to of course ;)
This link http://www.freewebs.com/magicalmetreat/index.htm should take you to the website and if you have a look around you will find a gallery with lots of photos of the people there and layouts that were created and won prizes :) the website is still being built so please bear with us :)
Also since then I have become a great Aunty to the most gorgeous little girl in the world her name is Isabelle and she is below :)

She must have the best wardrobe in the world as this Great Aunty went out and bought her lots of outfits - well she is the first girl since her mum and that was 34 years ago......
Also on a sad note my eldest son Liam has split from his wife - they live in Vancouver, BC but they are still friends which is all that matters to me. There are no children so it will make things a lot easier and if they can stay friendly that will be great :) We love them both dearly.
Son number 2 who left the army in October is still jobless - you would think that places would be clammering for someone who has been disciplined in the army but no he is still jobless despite sending his CV off to lots of firms on a regular basis. Hopefully he will have one soon.

Son number 3 and his girlfriend are happy and they have booked their holiday to Zante for July - he will be away on his birthday which will be the first time he has been away from home on his birthday - this will be strange for me I think.... We (my husband and me) have booked our holiday for November 2009 already - we are going on caribbean cruise with friends :) this is something we have wanted to do for a while now and decided to go ahead and book it, we would have liked it for May/June 2009 but we found out that due to the hurricane season they don't do cruises to the caribbean then..... oh well, when everyone else is cold and running round getting ready for Christmas, we will be sunning ourselves :) :) (or throwing up over the side of the ship) we are both looking forward to it and no doubt it will be here before we know it.

I am off to Scotland for a few days a week on Friday (2nd May) with Gill - not scrapbooking but photographic weekend as neither of us have been to Scotland and we thought it would be a good idea but now we find out that the oil companies are probably going on strike meaning a lack of fuel - hopefully we will get stuck there not on the way there..... but anyhow we are looking forward to it :) Watch this space for photos :)

We had a mini photoshoot in my lounge with some flowers we bought on Saturday and here are a couple of the pics :)

Also have some other photoshoots to put up on here but need to go through them first.
I think this is a long enough post for now but will be back as soon as I find the time :)
thanks bye for now :)

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