01 November 2008

New baby

Well I have only 'gone and done it' I have replaced my lovely MX5 with a car that can be seen and I don't have to look under lorries ;) I picked up my lovely car yesterday after work courtesy of Mitchell Mazda our local garage and received (apart from the car of course) a huge bouquet of flowers, 2 bottles of wine and tickets to the premiere of James Bond, which my friend Gill went to as DH was at work :) it was a nice unexpected evening :) not that I understood the film of course - went straight over my head I think but that's not difficult, especially on a Friday evening :) but here is a piccie of my car :)
At least I will be able to fit my scrapbooking stash in this one, the MX5's boot really did not hold it - it held shopping but not my/our stash :(.
On a sadder note, I can not believe that it is a year since my dear dad died. It has gone so fast it only seems like a couple of weeks ago. He has been greatly missed and I so hope that he is with my mum and in a happier place than he was here with us.
But to cheer us up again I have recent photos of my darling great neice who I had the privilege of looking after over a weekend recently :) she was a doll, she slept all night and not once did she murmur or moan whilst I changed her clothes several times for her photo shoot :)

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