03 June 2009

hi all

have had a busy month in May my son and his wife have been over from Canada for the first time in 5 years so we have been visiting etc :) its been a fab 4 weeks but it will be over on Friday :( as we wave them off for their flight at 10.30am. my son along with his 2 brothers and dad went to wembley to support Everton in their bid for the FA cup - unfortunately didn't quite bring it back with them but at least they got their and Liam extended his holiday by a week so he could go. He finally got a ticket the day of the game so the four of them got into wembley. Liam was actually spotted on tv during the buildup - my neighbours taped it for us as the wives and girlfriends went to liverpool one on a shopping trip :) :) :) As soon as I can I will upload some photos of their trip here along with others. They finally met Isabelle on Bank Holiday Monday and that was lovely so again there will be photos of her :)

My youngest son Andy and his girlfriend Sarah are buying a house at the moment and that should be ready by the end of the summer - its a newbuild - there will be photos of the building of the house on here soon also :)

will be back with photos soon :)

08 May 2009

Pictures of Gilly_dragon who on wednesday had a knee replacement operation, which she has been waiting for for nearly 4 years :( at last she has had it done and we are going up Mau Famau in 2 weeks.......... she thinks I am joking :) :) :)

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01 May 2009

Oh Dear as usual

time flies these days, I really do have trouble keeping up with my own life. Christmas has been and gone and my great neice's first birthday has also been and gone and below are some photos taken at the time. She really is so cute and adorable. Her Nan has informed me now that she has started to stamp her feet if she can't get her own way!!! My sister is not impressed and this is what my neice used to do and she didn't get away with it either.

The last of these 5 is my absolute favourite as she really looks as if she is telling me that she is on a 'private call' and 'would I mind' - we had a fab day together and she doesn't mind having her clothes changed 6 times so I can get pictures for her mum in her different outfits :) Its like having a real live dolly :lol: I hope she carries on like this though as I just love taking her photos and my scrapbooking pages are PINK AND MORE PINK which makes a change for me seeing as I have 3 grown up sons.....

On the grown up sons point - Liam and Alex (my daughter in law) are coming to England fron Canada for a month's holiday with us which is fantastic. Its the first trip back for Liam since he emigrated there nearly 5 years ago and his grandparents haven't seen him since and they are so looking forward to it and of course so are his two brothers and their respective girlfriends :) Again on that note, Andrew (the youngest) who will be 21 in July got engaged on 15th November last year and is in the process of buying a new house with Sarah. They are hoping to move in at the end of the summer - I get another spare bedroom - how cool is that - more storage for my scrap stash :) and Daniel the middle one who left the army 18 months ago has acquired a girlfriend also Kate - I have said that I really think she is ever so slightly disturbed because she says she enjoys his company and spend quite a bit of their time together :) In fact she has been good for him because I can see the floor in his room now..... so thats a move in the right direction :)

Pete and I are off on a caribbean cruise in November - it seems so long away but as we booked it 12 months ago its not that far off really :)

well I am hungry now so had better go and do some lunch and will post more photos of Isabelle and even of the rest of the clan as soon as I can :)