09 October 2010

as you can see

the to be continued has been a while coming - sorry but life has got in the way am afraid.... anyway an update on this year is that we got back from our cruise and then christmas was upon us and just before christmas Andy and Sarah split up and we now had a brand new house to sell, which is still going through right now..... the buyer has been stalling for a while now but he has given me a date of 29th october but I won't hold my breath.... Andy has moved back home and Sarah has moved back to her parents and both appear to be fine and sorting out their lives living without each other.

on a happier note, Daniel and Kate are together and have been on holiday to turkey recently and had a fab time. Pete and I went to Canada in May to see Liam and Alex and had a brilliant time there and coming back in the summer wasn't such a shock to our system as it was when we went away in november. Having said that we have arranged our holiday for next year to visit friends in Australia and of course we are going in February so when we get back there will be a shock to our systems again... we will never learn I suppose.

Work this year has been so busy I have met myself coming back several times and i can tell you that was not a pretty sight... We have had lots of new starters - due to expansion - acquired a second office and are now looking for a third and possibly a fourth. We have promoted one of our senior solicitors to Associate and had a few drinks last night to celebrate :)

Pete is off to France fishin next week with his friend Dave and I have a home virtually all to myself for a whole week - Andy will no doubt be at his girlfriends most of the time... so I will have a fab week and then at the end of that week I go for a pamper weekend with Gill to Thoresby Hall, which we have been to before - one of the treatments we are booked in for is i-health and its what they do for astronauts when they come back to earth - it rebalances your body to take away stress which right now is definitely what I need :)

Crafting ie. scrapbooking, photography and cross stitching is still in the foreground with me and hopefully when I get my act together I will upload some of my projects .

but for now and probably another 6 months i will love you and leave you.

thanks xx

18 March 2010

Oh dear it has been a long time

Well since I last posted in June last year we have had an eventfull few months to say the least - some good some not so good. Where do I start, Pete went away for 3 weeks in the summer to work in Germany - it seemed like an age and some things happened whilst he was away which I didn't tell him about because I didn't want to worry him unnecessarily especially as the turned out okay after a week..... anyway he came home and all was well :) we were looking forward to our summer holiday which we were taking late in November as we were going on a caribbean cruise :) :) :) with friends :) (which we had a ball on but more on that later) In October Andy and Sarah moved into their brand new 3 storey 4 bed semi-detached house :) and it was lovely :) Daniel and Kate moved into a flat in Chester a week or so later which meant that Pete and I now had our house to ourselves - it was strange at first but we got used to it very quickly :) November came and we were excited for our holiday. We went on 13th November - I know not really the day to fly but what the heck - we flew to Barbado and picked up The Oceana - P&O - there from there we sailed to Grenada, Isla Margarita, Aruba, Bonaire, through the Panama Canal, which was absolutely brilliant - even if we did have our one and only downpour for an hour..... then on to Guatemala, Hualtico and Acapulco :) we had the most fantastic time with Win and Doreen :) lots of drinking and eating and sunbathing. The shows onboard were really good :) and we then had to come home - arrived home on 28th November extremely jetlagged and absolutely freezing - wrong time of year to go on a hot holiday me thinks....

As you can see we went snorkelling in Bonaire :) which I had never done before and found to be fantastic. Not a hobby I would take up though as having shrivelled prune like skin is not my favourite past time but was fantastic for a one off or occasional go :) Doe who can not swim also had a go - didn't stay in quite as long as us but at least she had a go :)
on the 20th November Pete and Win surprised us both by advising us that we were renewing our vows with the Captain..... At first we told them to stop winding us up but when we looked at their faces they were deadly serious - they gave us an hour to get ready..... now come on guys a girl needs a hell of a lot longer on her wedding day to get ready - especially at our age - we have to fill in the creases and cracks these days not like 30 years ago lol - anyway they had ordered the flowers and everything was done except the decision as to what to wear which took exactly 5 minutes - good job it was a formal cruise :) The Captain and staff were brilliant :) didn't look like Captain Stubbing off 'The Love Boat' though :)

This was the most romantic thing that either of them had done and it was all planned well before we embarked on our cruise - they didn't tell us and only a couple of people outside of themselves knew what was happening. Mind you, we did feel a bit daft walking through the ship in our gladrags during the early afternoon :) but it was well worth it :)
to be cont'd.....