30 May 2011

6 monthly update

sorry everyone I know it has again been a while since I have blogged - I need to get into it again. Once again my life has been a wee bit busy with one thing and another. Most recently Gill has had an operation and is recovering now, which means she is getting loads of stitching done - not fair, I want to be at home stitching loads too....

Next June we have a family wedding - our middle son Daniel and Kate are tying the knot on 2nd June 2012 and we are so looking forward to it. Isabelle my great neice is to be flower girl which will be lovely as her mum was mine in 1977 :)

Unfortunately Liam and Alex has split up in Canada - its such a shame but if they are not happy then it is not good staying together. They don't have any children which makes it slightly easier but they do have 4 cats and a dog to share the looking after of. We are still in contact with everyone on Alex's side of the family and Liam - no surprise to anyone - is staying in Victoria, to be honest there is no comparison to Ellesmere Port really...... I don't blame him one bit.

My inlaws moved into an apartment 12 months ago from their bungalow, its one of these communal buildings for the over 55's - I don't quite qualify yet but my other half does lol :) It is a little too small for my liking but then as they said I may change my mind in the future - the only trouble is there is not enough room for my scrapbooking and cross stitch things so I would need a Penthouse on my own, let alone with Pete :) They are happy there and they seem to be mixing with the few other residents - all the apartments have not been sold yet.

I will do another post on scrapbooking and my cross stitch activities soon. :)

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